Friday, May 6, 2011

Cute little boy

Posted by Norazo at 1:56 PM
I went to the food court at P9 when i met this cute little boy with his father. The father brought her son from one stall to another and asked him what he want to eat for lunch and finally he reach the same stall as me. The father asked his son "what do you want?" and the cute boy just pointed at the quail's eggs! then the father asked again "how many do you want? 10 is it enough?" the son just nod. i was what?? u gave your son 10 eggs to eat for lunch??? i know the eggs was small but as far as i know that egg was cholesterol high and much more higher than the chicken eggs! haiyoooooo

Before i went to the car i met him again and his sister eating. he was looking at me and i just smiled to him. The cute thing was there was a smudge on his chubby cheek! ooohh so cute ^___^. however the most interesting part was there was this handsome guy (specky) sit next to his table! ^___*. Him and the specky guy really made my day! not forgetting the quail eggs hahhahaha XD



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