Sunday, May 29, 2011

My first NOVEL!

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Hallo semua...

This is my 3rd entry in just 1 night! terbaeekkkkkkk! Ok my first novel... what i mean is not the first novel i've read coz i've read more than a dozen i think ... it's the first novel i bought! hehehe.. i don't know from where i got a guts to buy a Malay novel but i did! Right after i fetching my car at Puter's place i went to Alamanda to buy a present for my friend. Then my legs was taking me to MPH and to the novel section and i took one hahahahha... This is like the biggest transition for me hehehe.. yess i am officially OLD and mature LADY.. (even though the police traffic here at IPD Putrajaya thought i was a student) No pakcik Polis! Im not Student! I'm an officer! I'm a ptd ok.. huh.. (puter asked me to use my gred if these ignorant people looking down on me)

ENOUGH! so what novel did i bought? It was "Hati Yang Luka" (bleeding heart) by Norhayati Ibrahim! First released in 2004 and this year marks it 10 printing edition! hebat.. i know this novel from Tirex. One day i went back home with her and we talked about Malay Novel. She told me her old time favourite novel were Hati Yang Luka, Bicara Hati (i like this one) and Kasih Suci (currently air on TV3 Mon-Thur at 7-8 pm). So far i am attracted to the story line cause i can't predict what's coming! hehehe.. i like when i'm CURIOUS....

the cover! creepyyyy

Okla mo tido... Night2

p/s i was ssooooo happy for SALMA for winning MENTOR5 cause i voting for her k hehehe .. siap paksa puter vote lagi hahahaha

Aku accident Part 2!

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I had an accident Last Wednesday and for some reasons i have a feeling that somewhere somehow i will involves in an accident! It's like a premonition. I was dumbstruck that day and i can't think straight. So on Thursday i took my car to workshop and i was told the cost about RM370 so i was phewwwww. However, since i have traffic summon of RM300 for causing an accident, overall my cost is RM670 la kan.. haiyooo. Nevermind la as long as im ok and my kenari alright so come on baby FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

So here is my car's condition before and after!




good as new (cause it is NEW)

Dutch Lady Milk Election!

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Today Sunday and i went to Dutch Lady Milk Election at One Utama, Damansara with Puter and her kids!!! Why we were there?? Because Faizal Tahir was the ambassador for Dutch Lady Sweet Corn Milk! Simply deliciousssssss... wow!!! We were told to wear yellow and we are yellow ehehehe.. so sweetttttt...

Today's meeting with FT was special cause finally FT met Lope for the first time!! it was very touching cause Lope like his mama is the biggest fan of FT! So cuteeeee... the great things was when FT touched Lope's head! it was short but sweet like the corn haha.. i know puter was busy carrying Lope so luckily i managed to snap 1 picture.. comeeyyyy tau! since FT is the biggest star among all the ambassador so logically Sweet Corn won the election with over 200,000 votes! WOW

For those who don't know this election was a campaign to promote Dutch Lady new milk flavour : (1) Sweet Corn (Faizal Tahir), (2) Red Bean (Ziana Zain), (3) Toffee (Aidil and Zaquan Adha) and (4) Moo Melon (Amber Chia). All of the ambassador were present today and of course FT ROCK the stage hehehe... My personal opinion i love Sweet Corn and Toffee the best and the remaining 2 flavours was so-so only..

FT's word "Drink a lot of milk so that you can grow! im not drinking milk that's why i'm short!" hahaha funny la this guy!

So here it goes some of the pictures taken ^___^

heroes... LOPE

LOPE n mama

the crowds!

another crowds!

mama n me hehehe


another F.T

F.T and LOPE

right after meeting F.T

the mascots!

right after mama went for goodies bag uwaa

then i asked her to smile.. she closing her eyes pretend smiling hehehe

then i asked to act cute, she touching her cheeks ;p

i said i will take her picture with Lope she making faces hehehe drama queen tol ;p

Ok that's about all people.. i have a great day with Puter's family and it was fun meeting FT! hehe

p/s i saw my face on TV tonight malunyaaa

Saturday, May 28, 2011


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Holla everyone.. it's Saturday! My favourite DAY of the week! Why? because i can wake up late, i can sleep late, i can sit and do nothing, think nothing, worry nothing, and etc etc.. i am a no rules person. i hate following schedule, deadline, doing chores and etc etc.. i rather laying around then fools around and that's me.. how long should i live like this???i like how i am now.. no commitment just enjoying myself with my friends. BUT the very deep down in me i kinda lonely??? lonely is not the right word but i feel hollow... kosong.... Lonely is when you feel alone but i'm not alone.. so hollow i choose you ;p.

My housemate Tini got married and she move out starting tomorrow. Now down to the 2 of us. Me and mel decided not to take another housemate coz we fine just the 2 of us plus more privacy and more place to dry our clothes ;p...

To Tini hope you live a HAPPY live with your husband and make a lots of baby k ^___*

I like their pink!

the bride!

p/s sorry Tini aku ambik gmbr ko ni hehe

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Aku accident!

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Aku td kena langgar. Yg comeynya aku kena langgar rupanya mmg aku yg salah. Malu mak. Bekobar2 jmpa polis skali iyg salah nok hahahaha! Dia ckp aku d lorong yg salah. So kompaun rm300. Bila aku dtg balik d tmpt kejadian, yer sah2 aku salah cuma apahal anak panah tu mulanya letak blh jalan lurus belok kanan. Pastu tiba2 dpn traffic light dia letak hnya blh belok kanan? Aku dah nmpk sign kt belakang blh jalan lurus manalah perasan lg yg ada anak panah baru kat depan. Hisshhh... Walau bagaimanpun, aku besyukur sbb aku ok. Aku kna langgar bas ok. Besar tuuuuuuu. So kepada semuanya, terima kasih atas concern anda. Ucapan ni utk geng Food Hunterz.

Good night!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Online Lover?

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I'm currently in the midst of reading Biarlah YM Berbicara. Hampeh! baru mukasurat 121 mak dah geli geleman seluruh badan. Be reasonble boleh??? Back in early 2000's, chatting was a phenomenon. Everyone have their own nickname and i have quite a few myself. Back then everybody want to have bf/gf on the net. I started chatting at the age of 16 and im quite addicted to it hahahha. BF?? i have numbers of them hahaha funny la... i once know this one guy from chatting and he wished to see me but i don't want to. My best buddy willing to post as me and met him It turn out that the guy was NOT HANDSOME at all and we LOL. This friend of mine (now a mother of one) was a very sweet looking girl and the guy was tangkap lentok towards her. I said padan muka! Once we met him and his group at a shopping mall and the guy was calling my name but looking at her hahahahah.. we were so scared and tried to runaway. He followed us. Then, one of his friend was interviewing my other friends and while waiting for them their other friend came and greet us. When he asked my name i was a bit panicked but my imposter ni quickly reply my name is Linda! of all the name ok.. and she was Rina (her actual name la kan)... funny la... the magical world of 18 years old me and my friends.

However, one of them was good looking and he was the only person who did not take interest on us. When he walked past me and my friend we were looking at each other and said "ohh handsomenya" hahahaha.

When im reading the book, i remember my old self and i can't stop smiling. Waiting day by day for that someone to appear in my online list, then promised each other to continue chatting tomorrow at this time and this time.. then day dreaming in class and all lah.. funny la....

Berangan betol!

Bahasa Melayu

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Salam semua... good afternoon!

Tajuk entry di hari Ahad ini adalah "Bahasa Melayu". Bahasa kebangsaan negara kita adalah Bahasa Melayu kan or Bahasa Malaysia??? either way i prefer Bahasa Melayu. Kalau bahasa Malaysia then banyak tu since Malaysia ni multi-racial country kan. Masa aku study dulu aku xder masalah sangat dengan subjek Bahasa (Malay or English). Aku slalu skor subjek bahasa. Even SPM aku dapat A1 dalam BM. Hebat mak nok.. walau bagaimanapun, masa aku belajar di UiTM since medium penghantaran dia adalah english i have to admit aku lupa BM. Aku lupa keindahan BM. Aku lupa penggunaan BM yang betul sbb kalau nak skor exam semua in English. Reference in English. Exam in English. Even subjek English pun adalah subjek wajib semasa permulaan semester. Im not saying my English is good coz i'm not and still learning. Cumanya bila kita ni terlalu tertumpu kpd bhs asing aku rasa kita lupa akan bahasa kebangsaan kita yang indah ni. Aku lupa... Lepas graduate degree aku kerja offshore investment bank di Labuan. Knowing offshore and banking industry, mostly we used English. Sekali lagi aku lupa BM. Terlalu lama bahasa itu kutinggalkan. For me BM is easy. We used it everyday so what is there more to learn kan. That's what i thought.

Tahun 2009 aku masuk Government service. So no more English. All in Malay. Memo surat semua in Malay. Pastu aku pulak under seskyen dasar. Lagilah penggunaan Melayu yang BETUL itu sangat penting. Aku mengaku ada masalah time tu. Ejaan salah.. penggunaan perkataan yang salah, ayat yang x berapa betul semualah. Nasib baik bosku adalah seorang pakar bahasa. So dia bnyk betulkan bahasaku. So funny... hbs bahasa and ayatku dia tukar. Memo/minit yang aku karang paling baikkk punya semua pen merah. Bila aku buat pembetulan aku baca balik ayat yang dia betulkan. Aku terkejut! Indahnya ayat tu bila digabungkan. Ringkas, padat dan SMART! Aku pon kagum plus segan dkt my boss tu. Pernah my boss tegur my ayat terlalu keras kena lembut skit dia cakap. aku pun yalah.. pernah juga dia suruh aku buat memo then aku hntr bg dia semak. Kebetulan best buddy dia dtg so dia semak memo aku ala kadar, Aku pn time tu perasan "yesss x bnyk pembetulan". Unfortunately bila aku hntr balik utk dia sign dia ubah 80% memo aku tu. aku pn alamakkkk malunyaa,,, siap dia ckp macam ni "sorry yer norazo (;p), semalam sya ada tetamu so sya x blh semak betul2." ambik ko dia semak betul2 semua pen merah.. lawaklaa hahahahah.. yang bestnya bos kitorang ni, dia suka semak surat/memo/minit guna pen merah ok. Nasib baik dia x bg markah. Masa kitorang brainstorming buat memo pulak aku pn komplen la dengan my boss saying susahla bahasa melayu ni boss. Dia pn jawab "huhh memang" Klu kita guna perkataan yang salah dia akan membawa maksud yang lain. Betul lah. Semua bahaasa mcm tu kan.... different words carrying different meaning in different sentences.

Sekarang aku berjinak2 baca novel Melayu. Hehehe.. Aku kagum ngan BM penulis tu. Sampai kadang2 aku x paham apa maksud dia ni. Ada sesetengah perkataan dan ayat aku kena baca berulang kali to get what it's mean. Ada jugak sampai aku kena post d Twitter utk bertanya pendapat. Now i know, Bahasa Melayu itu sangatttt susah. Susah sangat2 cikgu. Apa yg dipelajari masa sekolah dulu belum cukup untuk mendalami bahasa tu. Senang ceta aku punya post ni lah. Bahasa berterabur. Ke sana ke sini. Salah.. rojak! Tp xper lah eh., Kalau melayu betul nanti mcm baca suratkhabar pulak hahahha.

Di samping itu, kadang-kadang aku kesal jugak sebab meeting2 peringkat kementerian dan agensi yang slalu aku hadiri tu ahli mesyuarat lagi selesa menggunakan English daripada bahasa kebangsaan. All the way English. Tp bak kata puter minit dalam Melayu pulak. So pencatat minit ni jadi translator pulak dah. Aku rasa klu nak menjadikan BM sbg bahasa yang famous di dunia mcm cina, spain, france , japan tu kita kena agungkan bahasa kita dulu. Jangan terburu2 guna Bahasa orang. Bahasa penjajah! Amboi i'm saying this to myself jugakla kan since my entry mostly in English hahaha.. terkena balik muka sndr nmpk! ;p.

Namun, bila aku nak polished my Malay, aku kena transfer balik masuk Seksyen Antarabangsa pulak, Hadoiiiiii.... walau bagaimanapun aku dan kita semua mesti berusaha untuk menyayangi bahasa kita. Bak kata P.Ramlee klu bukan kita yang mengagungkan bahasa kita dan muzik kita siapa lagi????? (eh tiba2 muzik pulak)

Akhir kata dariku ...


p/s suka sangat baca entry Puter sbb Bahasa Melayu beliau superb.. well sapa boss beliau kan hahaha

Pergilah Air Mata (Review)

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Assalammualaikum semua... holla!

I finished reading the book at 10.00pm today and for me it was one of the best malay novel i've ever read! it's simply the best.. i likeee... it didn't dissapoint me.. i approve! i really recommend you to read the book. Though the title is kinda sissy but it was not that sissy at all.. the story was romantic, tragic, melodramatic and as usual happy ending.

I do believe a good person will end up with another good person insyaallah....this was said to me buy my recently married cousin. She is younger by a year than me but i don't know why she said those words to me... however i always think i am not that good... maybe she was saying that becoz i'm a good girl?? yess i am.. my parents told me so and i believe them .. love u mummy and lo tau!

After this i will continue reading another novel by the same author "Biarkan YM Berbicara" hhahaha funny la the tittle...

bye xoxo

p/s a somebody used my belonging last week... haiyooooo

Friday, May 20, 2011

Pergilah Air Mata

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Hehehehe.. assalammualaikum semua.. Tonight i want to share a synopsis of a book that i am about to read in jusssttttt a moment! here it goes:

"Noktah bahagia yang menjadi anganku, ternyata cuma titik mula pada derita yang tidak bertepi. Sumpah bukan ini yang aku mahu. Sumpah juga, aku tidak pernah mahu membuat kau terseksa. Tidak pernah mahu merobohkan bahagiamu. Atas rasa bersalah, aku rela melihat kau menganyam bahagia bersamanya. Namun, mengapa perlahan-lahan layananmu memberi tanda tanya di hati ini? Mungkinkah kita sudah sama-sama berkongsi satu rasa? Mungkinkah kita sudah sama-sama terpaut? atau... mungkinkah segala yang berlaku tidak lebih hanya mainan perasaanku sendiri? Mungkin... kerna aku yakin bencimu tidah mungkin berubah sayang. Bencimu padaku setinggi awan ayang menyapu langit.... SABRINA

Memang aku benci. Memang aku tidak pernah rela dengan takdir ini. Namun kenapa tulusmu terus mengikat akupada ikatan yang paling kubenci ini? Mengapa hati ini penasaran setiap kali kau menagih perpisahan yang pernah aku janjikan? Cintakah ini, apabila aku tewas tiap kali memandang wajahmu? Sayangkah ini, apabila hatiku digaru resah tiap kali aku cuba lari darimu? Mustahil cinta kerana cintaku sudah kusimpul kukuhdi hati dia. Lalu, apa sebenarnya yang berlaku di antara kita? Bagaimana cara untuk aku hapus wajahmu yang terus menemani mimpiku? Di mana noktahnya mainan perasaan ini.... BADRUL" (Hanni Ramsul)

That's all about the synopsis. Hopefully i can survive to the end of the story hehe....

Getaway with my FAMILY

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Hollaaa ollss'... assalammualaikum

I have a lot of fun this week coz i've got a chance to get together with my family! We've been to so many places and i'm driving! Living in Putrajaya i rarely drive to KL but since my beloved ones came to visit i gamble everything! and the most fun part of it was ME NORAZO ASLAN WHO ALWAYS GOT LOST FINALLY CAN FIND MY WAY AROUND KL! yeeeeeehaaaaa (though most part of it i just try an error) but who cares as long as we arrived safely. They arrived on 15 May 2011 at 10pm from Kota Kinabalu and i drove them around Putrajaya. Night view in Putrajaya are breathtaking and my brother did took some pictures from the bridge using his Nikon.

The next day (Day 2, 16 May 2011), my brother wanted to bring his girls to National Zoo. I said OK No problem (though my mind was saying OMG where the hell is the zoo hahaha). However, with Erin's guidance , i found my way there! As soon as i saw the sign my heart jumping up and down yesss yesss yesss! While there, i was excited to see all those animals and so do my 2 nieces! We took a ride in a tram car and the driver took us half way before he let us down near the tiger's cage. Knowing the zoo, it have all kind of animal species and the only place that i was not into was SNAKE cage! OMG. i just wait for them outside with the crocodiles and the tortoises! Here are some pictures while we at the zoo!

the biggest pipe?

strolling in the zoo

with uncu adie

the curious face!

"daddy i'm tired"

mr. crocodile

"what is that?"

Day 3, 17 May 2011. My sister in law wish to buy some fabrics for Hari Raya and again i drove them all the way to Jalan TAR! i made it yo! We went to Jakel and Ariani then we took the train to KLCC and we land our feet at Aquaria (i made an entry about Aquaria guy on the 17th hehe). I was excited as always. When we entered the Aquaria we were told not to use the flash if we wish to take the pictures. According to the staff, the flash light from the camera will harm the fish and eventually they will die slowly. i was shocked to know the fact and i feel sorry for them. Unfortunately, there are still some visitor who i take it as NOT understanding or stupid for using flash light all the way and i feel like i want to take their low quality stupid camera and toss it into the shark tank. BODOH! i am so pissed off until i'll give all of them the my angry looks. Peduli! Apart from that what i don't understand was that, what is the purpose of they displaying the SNAKES in the Aquaria??? OMG i feel like crying. I usually will ask my brother c Farhan to walk ahead of me when we enter into the animal zone (just like in the zoo). So at one section, my heart was skip a beat coz there are these glass boxes every way attached to the wall and some of it was put in the middle. I asked my brother "adik, what are the things ahead of us now?" and he walk to the front and came back saying "sis, you better close your eyes and don't look. Coz SNAKES EVERY WAY!" i was GET ME OUT OF HERE!! uwaaaa... believe me i did scream when i know the truth! I feel like running but i can't move! then my sister in law asked me to go first and i said i'll wait them at the next area. It was the most terrifying 3 seconds of my life walking passed the snakes and i heard my big bro laughing at me while i feel like crying without tears. uwaaa uwaaaa ;p..
here goes some of pictures...

our first time on train ^___^

peace alya!

buy me secret recipe!

sea turtle with friends

wonder of the sea!

alya say hello to the octopus!

alya with the 'cute' foreigner ;p

the aqua living

divers coming in

surrounded by fish or dish?

Day 4, 18 May 2011 we went for Genting yo! This was my 3rd trip . Since we want to take a bus from LRT Putra Station at Gombak, i have to drive my Kenari to Gombak. This time i got lost a bit hahahha.. That beautiful morning i tried to call puter but i can't reach her then i called my colleague azwa. She said she also not so well verse with that area then she passed the phone to Syazlin and literally i guess my whole division knows where i am heading to that day coz my boss Amelia also called me right after i talked to Syazlin. With their guidance, i just follow Kuantan signboard along the highway and at last i managed to talk to Puter. Thank God puter said just follow the signboard to Kuantan until i see Taman Melawati. Unfortunately, i exit at Wangsa Maju then we literally got lost hahaha.. my sister in law suggest us to follow the taxi until LRT Putra Station and my big bro was riding in the taxi. We arrive at the station at 10.45am and we schedule to leave for Genting at 11am. Since 18th was not a public holiday, therefore the queue was very short and we were in no rush. It was fun and my nieces was excited to see all the games! My big bro then asked me and my brother to ride the superman coaster?? I said to him i don't want but he said "haiyoo you can ride the space shot sure u can ride this one!" Then i said OK. However it was NOT OK! that 2 minutes was HELL. That think move from 90 to 360 degree and i was just close my eyes during the whole flight. It's kill me man... Definitely not gonna ride that thing ever again.. So peoples here are some pictures taken

from the cable car

sleeping on the way up!

just arrived

my turn with the pink bag!

i love fries!

i want McD!

peace puteri!

flying on a jet plane

in the antique car with mummy!

puteri the rabbit!

alya the pooh!

the flying coaster

Day 5, 19 May 2011, we only went to Low Yatt Plaza and Alamanda before i drove them back to KLIA...

Ponn ponnnn! ^___^

the thumb sucker at KLIA

sleep my love

poor little angel

bye bye love.. do come again!

I have a lot of fun thanks to my big brother, my sister in law and my two most precious niece! and of course not forgetting my bodyguard and partner in crime my little brother Farhan! Next family vacation??? UNIVERSAL STUDIO AT SINGAPORE??

InsyaAllah....... hehehe

Byee... XoXo


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