Sunday, April 10, 2011

Star Wars

Posted by Norazo at 10:16 PM
Well i love star wars movies. I'm sure million others out there feel the same way as i do. Star wars was a phenomenon and George Lucas is genius for able to come up with Star Wars concept at such a young age. What i like about about star wars is the fact that the originial series was start at no IV and ended by no III. Cute hehehehe.... my weekend was filled with star wars and i like it. Im not going anywhere so here i am just sitting in front of my lappy watching star wars ;p

If you ask me which character i like the most i choose R2-D2 coz he's cute and adventurous and funny! Whenever he appear i will smile wide specially when he making those sound. Actually i never know that there was actually a person inside R2. I just knew it today! (and i'm calling myself a fan hehe). So to R2 good night bro! you really made my day ^___^ i'm off to sleep.. nite nite & MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU :p

p/s i'm checking my traffic and im surprise coz the number of visitors increase everyday. Thank you all for coming.. xoxo



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