Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Should i say I LOVE MY JOB?

Posted by Norazo at 8:06 PM
Hallo semua.. it's been awhile since my last update. I don't have much time blogging now. I'm getting bz with my office work and when im home i just couldn't bring myself to write. my brain tired as well! Today i'm gonna talk about my job. I'm an international officer and im handling both multilateral relation as well as bilateral relation in South East Asia Region. Honestly sometimes i love my job but most of the time (like today) i want to runaway from it. Why?? our work depends on input and we always ask to go for a meeting. Unfortunately, since last week i just could not hold to this one officer to get that bloody input! how am i suppose to attend the meeting without that? i feel like i want to knock my own head!(can i knock yours??? ;p). as of today no feedback from her and i am so pissed! i call her more than 30 times since last week and today alone i call her and her other officers more than 10 times but no one brave enough to pick up my bloody call.

later this evening i manage to get through her cell phones but i only manage to sa y"hello cik xxx" then the line was cut! when i call her back she did not answer. can you tell me whats the problem? i know u r bz so do i. but still we have to do what we have to do rights. if you are so annoyed of me bothering you then so do i coz there are somebody else knock on my doors asking for this and that. and my dear i need you to feed me so that i can feed them!

I hope everything turn out well tomorrow as the clock is ticking and it sure running fast... i hope tomorrow is a great day for everyone and may everything run smoothly! Amin



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