Thursday, April 7, 2011

30 Things in 30 Days Challenge :Day 23 -15 facts about you.

Posted by Norazo at 3:27 PM
Salam semua...

It's Day 23 and i am very busy today pheww.. however i manage to squeeze some of my time posting this entry. Terbaekkk... hahaha .. honestly 15 is a very long list.. but i still have to think somehow so here it goes

1. i am proud Malaysian and proud of my little island call Labuan (Love-one);
2. No 2 in my siblings of 4;
3. the only daughter of En. Aslan and Pn. Haliba;
4. the only sister of Noor Azmee, Mohd. Farizi and Mohd. Farhan;
5. have twin as my brother;
6. i am a Malay Brunei from my fathers side and Kedayan from my mom side with a mixture of a bit Chinese and Murut;
7.growing up in Labuan (Elementary, primary and secondary school also in Labuan);
8.Diploma in Sabah;
9. Degree in Sarawak;
10. Currently work in Putrajaya (Peninsular Malaysia);
11. Hard core internet user;
12. always missing my little island and my nieces;
13. i laugh a lot;
14. senstive; and
15. simple present tense (hardly think of future)

Bye everyone XoXo~~~

p/s my boss just come and check on me.. almost got caught!


Puteri Nuur At-Terawis on April 7, 2011 at 4:12 PM said...

cey cey datang dia tanya u 'baby G buat apa?' :P


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