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30 Things in 30 Days Challenge :Day 20 -The meaning behind my blog name

Posted by Norazo at 3:29 PM
Hallo semua.. assalammualaikum.... it's Day 20 everyone pewwwiiiiitttttt ♥

Personally i ♥ today's mission because the story behind it is very unique hehehe... so why did i choose "Something for Nothing~~" as my blog name??? it's interesting actually. Maybe most of u guys out there knows pc game by Blizzard Entertainment Starcraft right?? my blog name actually derived from the cheat for the game. Yess i play StarCraft and i "cheat" all the time hahahahaha.. i really love the game. I started playing the game when i was 14. During that time StarCraft Broodwar was just released. I'm lucky to have a brother who and always be a game maniac. Since he own tons of games (he can open his own game store), StarCraft was one of his collection. I love the game ok. Actually at first my bro made me play the game. He even insists of me to watch he played and once he finish all the campaign including the expansion pack then i started playing (the pc is his ma).

When i first involving myself with the game, my brother ask me to use the cheat. Since then no turning back for me. It was kebabom! I was addicted to the game until i sleep late at night just to finish the campaign. For those who don't know, there are 3 campaign in the game which are Terran (human), Protos (alien) and Zerg (alien). I myself prefer Protos because for me their defense was powerful plus their soldier has longer life cause it was divided into 2 (1st layer of the bar is the battery and the 2nd layer is their life). Since you can recharge the battery then it's make them live longer compare to the two group. However, on the offense sight i have to admit Terran is much more powerful cause they have their own nuclear missile and the famous line from the computer lady "nuclear launch detected" hehehhe ;p In order to finish the whole campaign, you have to play the 3 character and i relly despise zerg.. it was a bit gross cause zerg was practically bugs and i hate bugs. Sadly, one of Terran ghost (army) was abducted and turn herself into zerg! i really miss the game. I tried to find it online but the game are not compatible to my windows ;'(.

Wow, i am bluffing about the game right now. Forgive me... ;p What's make the game more interesting because every campaign has it's own storyline. For example Kerrigan who once Terran turn to the dark side and choose Zerg while Jim Raynor who also Terran and Kerrigan's BF also turn himself into Protos coz there was a politic agenda among the top management of Terran. hahahah yesss even in a game also got politics! "Battle Cruiser operational"

Ok now let me share with you guys some of the StarCraft cheat

Minerals and gas increased by 10,000show me the money.
Minerals increased by 500whats mine is mine
Vespene gas increased by 500breathe deep
Everything upgradedsomething for nothing
Faster building and instant upgradesoperation cwal
Unlimited psionic ability²the gathering
Indestructible buildings and shipspower overwhelming
Remove fog of warwar aint what it used to be
Ignore supply limit when building unitsfood for thought
Full mapblack sheep wall
Opponent has no psionicsnoglues
Build anythingmodify the phase variance
Free upgrades to unitsmedieval man
Mission skipthere is no cow level
Enable mission select¹ophelia
Terran mission selectterran
Zerg mission selectzerg
Protoss mission selectprotoss
Continue after mission completedstaying alive
Win gameman over game
Lose gamegame over man

However people i only use the cheat that i highlighted only. Not all ok. And the Red one is the origin of my blog name hahahaha. Recently, Starcraft has evolved and Blizzard has released StarCraft 2. The picture was much more better and cool.. i know cause my brother has bought one. Unfortunately my laptop are not made for gaming so it's kinda sad for me.. In addition to that, not just the game feature are new, the cheat are new as well! However people, i have to make myself clear right now during my StarCraft day there were a time when i did not use cheat when playing. The time occurred when i have a lot of energy in me to think and to make a move! Strategy game is a game that challenge your mental and your wisdom. U cannot focus on your offense strategy only because all that really matter is your DEFENSE! Now let me introduce you to the main characters of StarCraft

loading preface ...

Terran Marine


Protos Zielot

war map Protos+Terran vs Zerg!

And these picture are taken from StarCraft II

the new logo!

war map Protos vs Terran

These 2 was once a love bird and this is how their look now in Starcraft II ..

Captain Jim Raynor

used to be Leutanent Sarah Kerrigan


Puteri Nuur At-Terawis on April 4, 2011 at 5:03 PM said...

ini belog budak pompuan ke lelaki? :P

Norazo Aslan on April 4, 2011 at 5:40 PM said...

saya sekarang perempuan tetapi semasa membesar saya perasan saya lelaki hahahahaha


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