Saturday, April 2, 2011

30 Things in 30 Days Challenge :Day 18- 5 things that irritate ME about opposite/same sex

Posted by Norazo at 11:29 AM
Holla everyone... it's me again.. Norazo with lots and lots and lots of loveeeee yoo... assalammualaikum semua and good morning...

Today is Saturday and that's mean weekend yo.. weekend mean no work, no obligation just do whatever you want on ur weekend and it's HEAVEN ;p... how i love weekend.. i cannot express my feeling right now. how much joy i have how free i am.. is like im flying babe ;p..

Enough about that let's move on to my mission for Day 18 "5 things that irritate ME about opposite/same sex". Walawey and it has been day 18 fellas.. time sure fly hehe... so for today's mission it's quite easy though. i can name more than 20 if u ask me hehe. here it goes:

1. i am king of know it all attitude <---- bullshit crap
2. i am good looking attitude <--- just keep it ti urself let others be the judge
3. i am single <----stupid jerk when you have a wife and kids at home
4. no manners <---jerk jerk stupid jerk all the way
5. violence against women and children <--- go die now la wey!

ok that's about all ... but let me name one things that irritates me the most about own sex

(gedik x kira tempat)

XoXo everyone byeeee....

p/s today i'm going to sunway pyramid... please let me find the way ....



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