Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring come in rainy season???

Posted by Norazo at 6:15 PM
When the word Spring come up what will be the first thing pops up in our mind?????

for me cherry blossom!

I am currently watching K-Drama Secret Garden (i know i'm late), while watching the series i feel like the spring... the drama is so melodramatic but i still love it! hehehe.. it's suit to my taste.. up until episode 12 i can see spring :) but starting episode 14 i find myself in a rainy season :(

rain drops on a rooftop...

I hope i can see spring again in episode 20 perhaps??? hhehe

magnolia during spring...

bye bye XoXo everyone....

p/s tomorrow i'll be back with Day 6 of 30 Things in 30 Days Challenge : A Song Match Your Mood ... this is hard hmm



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