Monday, March 21, 2011

I Sleep Late Last Night...

Posted by Norazo at 8:53 AM
Last night i sleep at 3.10am watching Secret Garden until episode 18 haiyooo... how can i do this to myself?? now on Monday morning first day of the week my eyelids feel very heavy.. i can't think straight! However (i know i'm late), the series was daebakkk! full with surprises plus hyun bin and ha ji won manage to make me cries couple of time.. and yesss as of last night i still in a rainy seasons uwaaaa...

here some of the screen caps that make me feel like spring :) and off to rainy :(

this scene was super cute hehehe

can i'll be in his arm like that??? bluweeekkkk

ok this was super sad! sacraficing urself for love haiyoo only in drama people

another scene that make me cried uwaaaaa!!


and the scene that move me the most is this!!!!!




this is super cute scene.. i hope i can upload the clip for this =(

Oklah that's all people.. i'll be back with my update for Day 6 and i know what the song that match my mood now hehehe

p/s can't wait to end the drama 2 more episodes people yeeehaaa!



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