Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I fall in love

Posted by Norazo at 9:15 AM
I know millions of girl all over the world have said this and i want to add another number to that millions and i am pretty sure more numbers will follow after me hehehe..


While i am missing his Secret Garden character i found his article in Allkpop.. aigoooo here goes what it said:

Hyun Bin has been a motivator for other military trainees

he's in the middle aigooo what happen to ur hair ♥

It has been revealed that actor Hyun Bin has been a role model to the motivating trainees during their intensive training.

An official stated, “I have heard that Hyun Bin has been working diligently since entering training camp.”

We reported earlier on March 7th when Hyun Bin had entered the training camp in the Kyungbuk Pohang Ocheoneup Segyeri area to train for the Marines. Last December 24th, Hyun Bin revealed his intent to enter active service as is mandatory for all Korean males. He received an application form for the Marine Corps and, on the same day, interviewed at the Suwon MMA (Military Manpower Administration) and got accepted to the 1137 Marine Corps.

Hyun Bin will receive 7-weeks of basic training. After receiving his placement, he will serve for 21 months in the military and will be discharged on December 6, 2012.

Until then, we wish Hyun Bin good luck and good health!

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