Thursday, March 17, 2011

30 Things in 30 Days Challenge :Day 2 - My Favourite Movie

Posted by Norazo at 3:09 PM
Hola Hello...

This is Day 2 of 30 Things in 30 Days Challenge Contest : Your Favourite Movie. To be honest, i have a long list of my favorite movies ranging from English, Malay, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Bollywood! Wow meletop ok .. but my most favorite movie would be..... Lord of The Rings : The Return of The King! ooohhh i have a goosebumps while writing the title...

If people ask me why i love LOTR:TRofTK i will answer by saying that ARAGORN character is simply the best! plus the animation, the storyline, the love line, the everything.. i even memorize some of the lines from the movie.. for example when Aragorn character turn down Eowyn love (ciannyerr...).

"Do you not know?"

then Aragorn reply with gentleness in his voice that makes my heart skip a bit...

"It is my shadow that u love.. i cannot give u what u seek!"

wahhhhhhhhh so cuteee... he was turning her down in a very humble way... i love u Aragorn (ok mak gila sekejap ;p).The other famous lines that i can remember was between Eowyn and King Nazghul

"You fool.... (with breathing sound) ... no man can kill me..."

then eowyn reply

" I am NO MAN"

and stab him on the face! oouucchh...Poor Nazghul disappear as a dust in a thin air.... (kotoh)

I thinks i've already answering the above question for Day 2.. tommorow i'll be answering the 3rd question : You're Idea of the Perfect First Date! hehe.. wait patiently ok hehe

Before leaving you guys, let us watch the trailer for Lord of The Rings : The Return of The King (fan made though ;p) hehe ~~ enjoy

by the way.. my most favorite picture from the movie is





that's whyla Aragorn dare to turn Eowyn down



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