Sunday, March 20, 2011

30 Things in 30 Days Challenge :Day 5 - What Makes You Different From Others?

Posted by Norazo at 1:36 PM
Holla it's Day 5 everyone.. i kinda proud of myself for being able to follow this routine and i hope i can continue this for 25 more days! aja aja fighting!!! P(^___^)9 berusaha ok ^___*

Back to the above question, it's really very hard for me to identify what makes me different from others cause i find myself very plain and ordinary.. i think about this topic for the whole night and can't still figure out what makes me different! I find myself still wondering when i woke up this morning then tingggggg! i got an idea hehe... among the peoples i have met in my entire life (except my brothers) i'm the only one who cannot eat BELACAN (shrimp paste). To tell you the truth, my late grandfather was one of the belacan tycoon in Labuan ( i guess hehe). In fact most of my father sibling (except my dad, his brother and 2 of his sisters) made their own stock of belacan either for themselves or for sale (by the way my dad have 11 siblings). Me and my brothers growing up with it's smell hehehe but the four of us can't eat it.. so i guess that's what makes me (and my brothers) different. When i told my friend back in Labuan i can't eat it they find me funny cause they know my family history. Even my own family (cousins, uncles and aunties) find the 4 of us weird.. My dad is a master when it come to "sambal belacan". The reason i said so is because most of peoples who tested his sambal will awwwww by it. They even want to buy it .. haiyoo.. and they said we are lucky to have him as our father. unfortunately all we do was smirk and say "really?". That's make my fathers a bit disappointed because he can satisfy others with his recipe but we can't enjoy the taste. Sorry lo tau... :'(.

Though we can't eat it, but deep in our deepest heart we know that our En. Aslan (the lion of Narnia) is THE BEST! heheheh.. HIDUP EN. ASLAN!

En. Aslan and alya where is your eyes lo tau?? hehe


Puteri Nuur At-Terawis on March 20, 2011 at 4:42 PM said...

dea, ini pasal u and ur siblings yg weird, not you alone :P

LiLy KnoTWiSe on March 20, 2011 at 5:37 PM said...

hahhahaha.. guess so


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