Friday, March 18, 2011

30 Things in 30 Days Challenge :Day 3 - My Idea of the Perfect First Date

Posted by Norazo at 9:01 AM
Hallo hollaa... It's Day 3 everyone... and today i will share my idea of the perfect first date in my point of view. Since im a very simple person.. very very simple so my idea would be as simple as me lah.. haha.. so kita tgkla the following (start at noon sbb pagi nak besiap dulu kan hehe):

lunch at my favorite place (or him) ^___^

this is the place @Midvalley

and i want to eat this hehe

then go watch movie hehe

then go window shopping

then chit chatting

chatla sangat haha

then ronda²

gi Pavi pulak haha

then having dinner (candle light maybe hahaha)

bluweekkk ;p

then balik rumahla hehe

night view from my house hehe

I think that's all i can think of for the perfect first date from the very simple mind of me ... very general kan hahaha..


Oklah so see u guys tomorrow for the 4th question : Your favorite photograph of your best friend (i already have one in my now hehehehe)



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