Thursday, March 31, 2011

Romance and the Romantic Thought of Mine

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I just finished watching Beauty and The Beast The Movie and it was marvelous! It is true. The movie is true. It is really hard to find a true love if it's just based on the outer appearance of someone. It'd deep down what matters the most. While watching the movie it makes me think of what more important in a relationship. it tell me to love honestly, love freely, don't be afraid to love, and just be yourself.. that what's matter the most. Just like the very famous line in Adnan Sempit The Movie "walaupun muka saya ganas tapi dalam hati ada taman...!"

Yesterday while i was driving home after work, i listen to Red FM and the song by Marc Anthony "You Sang To Me" was on air and catching my attention (i was day dreaming while driving ;p). The song was keep playing in my mind and now i'm listening to it. The lyrics was honest and the song was speacial. I remember i was still in form 3 when the song was first released but it never catch my attention as that time i am more into Britney Spears, NSYNC, BSB etc .. and now 12 years later i am crazy for the song..(maybe now i can understand better that's why). I hope, someday.. somewhere... i will found someone just like the lyrics of the song

All the while you were in front of me I never realized
I just can't believe I didn't see it in your eyes
I didn't see it, I can't believe it
Oh but I feel it
When you sing to me
How I long to hear you sing beneath the clear blue skies
And I promise you this time I'll see it in your eyes
I didn't see it, I can't believe it
Oh but I feel it
When you sing to me

(unfortunately no one ever sing to me before hehehehe)

30 Things in 30 Days Challenge :Day 16 -Short term goals for this month and why

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Ok this month meaning to say next month la kan since today is 31.03.11. I never thought of any short term goal or the long term one.. in short i don't think! whatever happen i just face it as it is.. but if i were to think deeply... maybe my goal of the month is to save some money .. maybe la.. hehehe

money money money

other than that to lose some weight kot hahahaha <---- this one is funny hahaha

whatever it is, today is Thursday and tomorrow is Friday means... weekend around the corner everyone.. i likeeeeeeeeeeeeee ♥♥♥

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

30 Things in 30 Days Challenge :Day 15- Something you don’t leave the house without.

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Hallo semua... i'm late today yo.. almost forgot! but here i am back on track with Day 15 mission Something you don’t leave the house without! The things that must have in my handbag other than my wallet and HP are...


minyak cap kapak! this is must have in my purse.. ^__^

No. 2

my polka dot umbrella!

comel kan hehhehe..

Okla that's all kawan2.. see u tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

30 Things in 30 Days Challenge :Day 14 -A TV show you’re currently addicted to.

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Hallo semuaa!! Salam semuaa.... guess who's back with the brand new entry?? yupp yesss that's me hahahaha (poyo ka sengal ni hahaha)

By the way people, today is Day 14 yo... wah wah wah time flies really fast ok.. back to the question above "A TV show you’re currently addicted to" i am not sure which TV show but one thing for sure i'll try not to miss 1N2D every Friday, 11.23pm on KBS World.
the logo

the member:
from left behind : Lee Seung Gi, Kang Ho Dong, Eun Ji Won & Kim Jong Min
the one being held : Uhm Tae Woong (new member)
front : "The Driver" Lee Seung Gun

Apart from that, i rarely watch TV coz most of my time i spending in front of my laptop whenever i'm home. However, if u ask me which drama that catch my interest probably "My Princess" but i haven't finish watching it yet.

♥ My Princess poster

So i guess that's about it for today's mission. XoXo everyone! ♥

Monday, March 28, 2011

World Invasion : Battle Los Angeles

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Last Saturday me and my bro watching the above title movie. All i can say is WOW! Splendid, awesome, cool, etc lah... I really like to watch war movies and i don't know why.. i love the strategy, the weapon and the cast?? hehehe i have a collection of war movies that i have been watch more than 5 times each .. gila pulak.

No. 1 - U571. This film is a bout US Submarine during World War II. Cool ok. please watch;

No. 2 - Black Hawk Down - Based on a real story during Civil War in Somalia in the year 1993;

No. 3 - Tears of The Sun - Rescued mission lead by Bruce Willis in Nigeria;

No. 4 - Behind Enemy Lines - The film is centered on the story of an American naval flight officer who was shot down over Bosnia, who ends up uncovering a massacre during the Bosnian conflict ; and

No. 5 - Independence Day - The battle between human and alien.. cool...

and now i will add World Invasion : Battle in LA in my favourite war movies list hehe.. So for those who haven't watch the movie yet please watch it and i hope u enjoy it as much as i do!

p/s i have watch Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa but i can't understand the story though huhu

30 Things in 30 Days Challenge :Day 13 -A picture of your favorite band or artist

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It's Monday everyone and as usual it's boring... So i want to start my day with today's mission A picture of your favorite band or artist. Here i want to share not 1 but more than 1! hehe... and since i love to watch Hollywood, Korean and Japanese so i include them in my mission today as well ;p.

Ok now i start with my Malaysian favourite artists (2 of them but bonus the girl in a middle ^^)

yess yess yess it is people it's Lisa Surihani and Shaheizy Sam + little Mia Sara hehe

Off to Hollywood look what i have here ^^

Miss Congeniality Sandra Bullock! I love her and her movies

Now now.. off to Republic of South Korea ;p she is amazing, kind, lovely, natural, beautiful etc and she is

Hwangbo Hyejung.. I love her ^^

and as for Japanese artist, i love

Ueno Juri! Coz' She's talented and cool hehe

With that i Norazo conclude today's mission. So see u tomorrow!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Besok Isnin

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Hari ni ahad. Skrg jam sudah menunjukkan pukul 9.46pm. Meaning to say Monday approaching. Monday adalah hari yang sangat memalaskan, membencikan, memualkan, etc lah... Semangat ku tertinggal di ntahlah.. Sudahla malam ni malam isnin, dan aku menjadi senitif selepas ditegur. So apa tindakan aku bila sensitif?? senang jak diam... malasla.. tp oleh sbb diam, aku rasa hatiku ada lubang pulak.. bukanlah aku ckp teguran tu salah, cuma x puas hati that's all. i maybe like this. ignorance and all but i have a feeling ma... i don't care what others do, think etc as long as it is not concerning my life and my family that's all. It's just that why you said so when in the reality u r exactly the same and i didn't say nothing and did nothing. i just watch you and let it be... if i want to say the same to you i have a lot in my mind now.. if i'm to name, you will definitely silence.. but again i don't want to say.. i really don't understand the situation.. i feel depressed now.. can't think straight.. good night!

30 Things in 30 Days Challenge :Day 12- Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.

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Hallo semua.... ^___*,

It's Day 12 everyone, and today's mission is "Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is" hmm the answer to the question is I AM SINGLE. So how's my single life?? It's boring but for me it's fun hahahaha... so what do i do 7 days a week?? simple..

Monday to Friday : Go to work from 8.30 am to average 6.30 pm. At night sit in front of my laptop and surfing until 11.30pm. Sleep until 7.30 am and repeat the same routine for 5 days hehehe

Saturday - Sunday : If my hsemate asked me to go out then we go out. If not i will sit in front of my laptop from morning (11am) till morning (2am).. ehehhehe

With that, i conclude how i live my single life . completely and utterly boring to the max! i wish i have a boyfriend so at least my boring schedule will change...

signing off from P11


Saturday, March 26, 2011

30 Things in 30 Days Challenge :Day 11 - A picture of your favorite memory

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Hallo... it's almost 12am everyone.. almost at the end of Day 11! well to rush things up i just post a picture of me and my friends back in 2004 (when i was younger haha). This picture speak 10,000 memories that i do not wish to trade for a million dollar...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Pusing-pusing sampai pening!

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Hidup ni umpama roda.. pusing atas pusing bawah ada x pusing kiri kanan?? hehehehe... aku ingat masa aku budak2 dulu. aku suka men pusing2 sampai aku pening.. bila aku pening aku pn jatuh² pastu aku gelak.. then aku pusing lagi hahaha.. lepas tu kena marah tapi aku pusing lagi... baru² ni aku balik kampung sempena my cousin's wedding tu aku tangkap gmbr anak buah aku alya. dia pun ada sindrom macam aku jugak. suka pusing2... lawak gila so aku berjaya rakam gmbr dia pusing2 tu untuk dikongsi bersama.. ☺♥ ♥ ♥ ☺

30 Things in 30 Days Challenge :Day 10 -A photo of your favorite place to eat.

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Hallo hallo haluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu... Salam semuanya...

It's Day 10 everyone.. i'm making a very good progress i presume hehehe.. so for today's mission "A photo of your favorite place to eat". I have too many in mind now but the only place i can think of is "Restoran Ceria" in Labuan. It's not that fancy though. In fact it is really not! It's simple.. the food also simple but for those in Labuan surely knows this particular place specially among the pakcik and makcik and daughters la ^__*. Their main dishes is Soto (mee hoon sup), gado², all kind of soup (chicken, beef, ribs, etc). Other than that, fried rice, fried mee and chicken rice. Simple kan.. but my favourite would be chicken soup + fried mee + ice milo. Terbaekkk... i don't have the picture of the restaurant but i can share my favourite food there hehe .. so here it goes

this is the chicken soup ^___* Labuan's style ;p

and this is my favourite mee goreng ♥♥

Ok that's all for today's mission. will be back for tomorrow with A picture of your favorite memory

p/s right after work me, tirex,azwa and erin will be spending our Friday evening at karaoke yoo hehe

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I dream of HIM

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I dream of HIM. Not Hyun Bin but Song Seung Hun. It was funny.. I know why i dream of him though coz currently i'm watching "My Princess" and he was the male lead in the drama. I remember he was in my dream for the whole night.. Luckily he doesn't speak anything coz for sure i don't understand hehe.. For those who don't know who the hell i'm talking about here goes his pictures

what r u looking at ah?

with his love interest in the drama Kim Tae Hee

he was wearing suit all the time in the series hmmm


and bonus picture




i have to crop the below part though coz it' kinda low cut ;p

p/s puter might think this guy not so handsome hehe kan puter

March is my Birthday Month!

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I am so thankful! This year, i have been receiving a lot of birthday wishes, gifts and foods hehe... Though it has been a week since my actual birthday, but the celebration continue.. Yesterday my dear best friend whom i mention in my Day 4 challenge came to Putrajaya for meeting and celebrating my birthday horayyyyy.. i love her munchie munchie much! We decided to have our lunch at Secret Recipe Alamanda and here it goes.. ( i love sharing pictures here hehe)

my strawberry marshmellow (Recommended *****)

ItalicChocolate fudge superlicious for chocolate lover ♥

Black paper chicken with rice yummeh! ♥

spaghetti meatball oklaaa~~

Once again thank you all for the treats and for the presents. I truly appreciated it and i hope our beautiful friendship last FOREVER! Love u mmuaahh mmuuahh ♥♥♥

30 Things in 30 Days Challenge :Day 9 -A photo of the item you last purchased

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Salam semuaaa! ♥♥

I'm back for Day 9 u'olls! This morning the first thing i do is checking what is my mission for Day 9. When i read the tittle i was puzzle for a second and asking myself "what did i bought ah??" then i remember ohhh i got it! so here goes the pictures hehehe....

Drinking water from Mesra Petronas hahahaa :D

Doctor's advice : Drink a lot of water to neutralize all the toxin in your body.. Therefore, please drink water a lot guys to prevent the unwanted diseases ♥

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...

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30 Things in 30 Days Challenge :Day 8 - Your Dream Wedding

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Salam semuanya.... ♥

It's Day 8 everyone and today's mission is "Your Dream Wedding" Honestly this mission is quite hard for me. I never thought of what theme should i use for my wedding.. However, as i writing now my imagination gone wild ;p ... so here it goes people

1. I think of roses... a lot of roses... red, white and pink??? roses petal everywhere... roses bouquet everywhere... wahhhh bestnyerrr;

romantic kan

2. I dream of having my wedding in the garden with flower girl escorting me wahh bestnyaa and i'll be wearing veil to cover my face then my husband waiting for me at the gazebo. However instead of saying "i do" cam org puteh the gazebo will be decorate like my pelamin lah.. once i reach my hyun bin haha then the both of us will stand for a minute smiling to each other then to the guest then we sit lah waahhh... (in short garden wedding la kan)

3. My dream gazebo would be like this...

4. My dream wedding dress will be like this...

with veil hehe if possible the dress would be long so that flower girls can hold it for me ;p

5. My dream husband will be looking at me like this ♥ ...

what a killer penetrating gaze yo ♥

Enough dreaming. I know most likely for my wedding i will do the following:

1. well White (cream) for nikah, berinai light pink kot hahaha with lot's of laces, and the wedding hmm gold maybe hehehe or silver or bronze hahaha...

2. I want this for my wedding day! ^___*

Dream is forever just a dream (at least for me). However when the reality hit sometimes its hurt sometimes its heaven but no matter what just dare to dream ok ♥

p/s i dream every night but so far none of it come true specially the romantic one hehehe

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

30 Things in 30 Days Challenge :Day 7 - A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet.

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Salam semuanya.... ^___^

Hope all of you have a great day. Speaking of great day it has been ages since i have my own Great Day.. i can't remember it too... i hope that day will come :) maybe today?? who know.. let us pray kan...

Ok back to the above i'm coming back with Day 7 (wow it's been a week yo! ^___*) with A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet! Usually i love to keep Cat as a pet.. but i do dreaming of having this animal as my pet hahahaha .. here goes the picture ♥

it's koala !! Someyy but i heard it's smelly hhehe wuteverla

I fall in love

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I know millions of girl all over the world have said this and i want to add another number to that millions and i am pretty sure more numbers will follow after me hehehe..


While i am missing his Secret Garden character i found his article in Allkpop.. aigoooo here goes what it said:

Hyun Bin has been a motivator for other military trainees

he's in the middle aigooo what happen to ur hair ♥

It has been revealed that actor Hyun Bin has been a role model to the motivating trainees during their intensive training.

An official stated, “I have heard that Hyun Bin has been working diligently since entering training camp.”

We reported earlier on March 7th when Hyun Bin had entered the training camp in the Kyungbuk Pohang Ocheoneup Segyeri area to train for the Marines. Last December 24th, Hyun Bin revealed his intent to enter active service as is mandatory for all Korean males. He received an application form for the Marine Corps and, on the same day, interviewed at the Suwon MMA (Military Manpower Administration) and got accepted to the 1137 Marine Corps.

Hyun Bin will receive 7-weeks of basic training. After receiving his placement, he will serve for 21 months in the military and will be discharged on December 6, 2012.

Until then, we wish Hyun Bin good luck and good health!

(For more related news do visit Allkpop)

Monday, March 21, 2011

The End...

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Since yesterday, i have been posting about Secret Garden so finally i conclude the drama at 10.15pm tonight yeeeeehaaaaa! it is a relief yo! finally i can have a good night sleep.. bye bye hyun bin ahh.... i will miss you hehehe bluweekkkkkk!! by the way 17 March was my tuttt... tutttt.... befday so i received a belated gift from a very wonderful friend of mine here goes the picture

i call him hyun bin @ bin bin haha

The next project for me is....... (drum rolling ^___*) yessss i'm going to watch another cong ceng cong ceng drama "My Princess" hehehe terbaekkkkkkkk!! Therefore i cannot sleep la ni again and again and again and again... (2PM) ;p

it's Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Hun this time ;)

p/s i also received the below for my befday. It is from Tirexbelle! Tankiu tirexbelle XoXO

That Woman

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A woman loves you.
The woman loves you wholeheartedly.
She follows you around like a shadow every day.
She smiles but is actually crying.

How much longer do I just have to look at you, alone.
This love that came like wind,
This meaningless love, this miserable love
If I continue this, will you love me?

Just come a little closer
just a little bit.
Please don’t step back
I, the one who loves you,
is still next to you.
That woman is crying.

That woman is very shy
So she learnt how to smile
Her heart is so full of tear,
She can't even share her story with
her best friend

That's why, that woman
loved you
Cause you were so like her
another fool.
yet another fool
Please give me a hug before you leave me

I want to be loved, dear.
That's all I wanted
She shouts, just in her heart
just in her heart.
No one can hear her
but that woman is still next you

Do you know that
I am that woman?

You don't do you?

Because you are just a fool.

how much
how much longer
Do I have to love you like this

This love that is like a fool
This meaningless love, this miserable love

would you love me?

That woman, who loves you
is still next you

and she is still crying.

-translation lyrics for That Woman by Baek Ji Young-

30 Things in 30 Days Challenge :Day 6 - A Song Match To Your Mood

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Hallo.. It's Day 6 and i'm tired and can't focus.. thanks to Secret Garden i sleep late but have to wake up early to go to work.. (me to be blame, padan muka!). Ok back to the above. A song that really match to my mood right now is none other than Secret Garden OST "That Woman" by Baek-Ji-Young.. the song is so simple, the melody is nice but have the very power lyrics..

this is Baek Ji Young and below is her song and the lyrics

Baek Ji Young – That Woman (백지영 - 그 여자)

한 여자가 그대를 사랑합니다
han yeojaga geudaerul saranghamnida
One woman loves you

그 여자는 열심히 사랑합니다
geu yeojaneun yeolshimi saranghamnida
She loves you with all her heart

매일 그림자처럼 그대를 따라다니며
maeil geurimjacheoreum geudaereul ddaradanimyeo
Everyday she follows you like a shadow

그 여자는 웃으며 울고있어요
geu yeojaneun ooseumyeo oolgoisseoyo
She is laughing but crying

얼마나 얼마나 더 너를
uhlmana uhlmana deo nuhreul
How much more How much more

이렇게 바라만 보며 혼자
ireokae baramahn bomyuh honja
Must I gaze at you like this alone

이 바람같은 사랑 이 거지같은 사랑
ee baramgateun sarang ee geojigateun sarang
This meaningless love, this miserable love

계속해야 니가 나를 사랑 하겠니
gyaesokhaeya niga nareul sarang hagaetni
Must I continue for you to love me

조금만 가까이 와 조금만
jogeumman gakkai wa jogeumman
Come closer a little bit more

한발 다가가면 두 발 도망가는
hanbal dagagamyun doo bal domangganeun
When I take a step closer, you run away with both feet

널 사랑하는 난 지금도 옆에 있어
nul saranghaneun nahn jigeumdo yeopae isseo
I who loves you, even now I’m at your side

그 여잔 웁니다
geu yeojan oomnida
That woman is crying

그 여자는 성격이 소심합니다
geu yeojaneun sunggyukee soshimhamnida
That woman is very timid

그래서 웃는 법을 배웠답니다
geuraeseo ootneun bubeul baewotdamnida
So she learnt how to laugh

친한 친구에게도 못하는 얘기가 많은
chinhan chingooaegaedo motaneun yaegiga manheun
There are so many things she cannot tell her closest friend

그 여자의 마음은 눈물투성이
geu yeojaae maeumeun nunmultuseongee
That woman’s heart is full of tears

그래서 그 여자는 그댈
geuraeseo geu yeojaneun geudael
So that woman said she

널 사랑 했데요 똑같아서
nul saranghaetdaeyo ddokattaseo
loved you because you were the same

또 하나같은 바보 또 하나같은 바보
ddo hanagateun babo ddo hanagateun babo
Another fool, another fool

한번 나를 안아주고 가면 안되요
hanbun nareul anajoogo gamyun ahndweyo
Won’t you hug me once before you go

난 사랑받고 싶어 그대여
nan sarangbatgo shipeo geudae yo
I want to be loved, my dear

매일 속으로만 가슴 속으로만
maeil sokeuroman gaseum sokeuroman
Everyday in my heart, in my heart

소리를 지르며 그 여자는
sorireul jireumyeo geu yeojaneun
I shout out

오늘도 그 옆에 있데요
oneuldo geu yeoppae eetdaeyo
That woman is beside you even today

그 여자가 나라는 걸 아나요
geu yeojaga naraneum geol anayo
Do you know that woman is me

알면서도 이러는 건 아니죠
arlmyunseodo eereoneun geon anijyo
Don’t tell me you know and are doing this to me

모를꺼야 그댄 바보니까
moreulggeoya geudaen babonikga
But you won’t know because my dear, you’re a fool

얼마나 얼마나 더 너를
uhlmana uhlmana deo nuhreul
How much more How much more

이렇게 바라만 보며 혼자
ireokae baramahn bomyuh honja
Must I gaze at you like this alone

이 바보같은 사랑 이 거지같은 사랑
ee babogateun sarang ee geojigateun sarang
This foolish love, this miserable love

계속해야 니가 나를 사랑 하겠니
gyaesokhaeya niga nareul sarang hagaetni
Must I continue for you to love me

조금만 가까이 와 조금만
jogeumman gakkai wa jogeumman
Come closer a little bit more

한발 다가가면 두 발 도망가는
hanbal dagagamyun doo bal domangganeun
When I take a step closer, you run away with both feet

널 사랑하는 난 지금도 옆에 있어
nul saranghaneun nahn jigeumdo yeopae isseo
I who loves you, even now I’m at your side

그 여잔 웁니다
geu yeojan oomnida
That woman is crying

Please listen to it and i hope you like it as much as i do ^__^ XoXo

I Sleep Late Last Night...

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Last night i sleep at 3.10am watching Secret Garden until episode 18 haiyooo... how can i do this to myself?? now on Monday morning first day of the week my eyelids feel very heavy.. i can't think straight! However (i know i'm late), the series was daebakkk! full with surprises plus hyun bin and ha ji won manage to make me cries couple of time.. and yesss as of last night i still in a rainy seasons uwaaaa...

here some of the screen caps that make me feel like spring :) and off to rainy :(

this scene was super cute hehehe

can i'll be in his arm like that??? bluweeekkkk

ok this was super sad! sacraficing urself for love haiyoo only in drama people

another scene that make me cried uwaaaaa!!


and the scene that move me the most is this!!!!!




this is super cute scene.. i hope i can upload the clip for this =(

Oklah that's all people.. i'll be back with my update for Day 6 and i know what the song that match my mood now hehehe

p/s can't wait to end the drama 2 more episodes people yeeehaaa!

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