Friday, February 4, 2011

Our Chinese New Year

Posted by Norazo at 11:40 AM
On Wednesday my housemate said she want to go to Genting Highlands.. since we're got nowhere to go so i said OK! The initial plan was to go out at 7.30am but postponed until 9.30am! We took ERL to KL Sentral and while there, there was one Indian Lady approach me and my brother "Excuse me, do you read Chinese?" i said no. Then she asked back am i reading English? i said yes! there she go.. i thought she's going to ask me to read her a map so i'm eager to help.. however she said something about being nice to others... being helpful towards human being so on and so forth bla...bla...bla... until she said because all these thing was thought in the Bible! oh crap i said to myself.. Maybe she thought we're non-Muslim .Then she gave me and my brother a brochure. I asked her do u give this for free? cause i thought she want to sell us things. She said yess.. okla i took it and off to go. My housemate was LOL looking at us for the preacher we just had! Below is the brochure:

the front cover

the inside! i leave the brochure on the seat at KL Sentral after i took this picture

After that incident, we went to buy tickets and it was 10am. When we reached the counter it said "next bus at 12.15pm" OMG! We bought the tickets and wait until 12pm doing nothing.. (i rather sleep). At 12pm sharp, we went to the bus terminal and wait until our bus came. Our seat were wayyyy at the back and we sit together with Bangladeshi tourist! (they were loud). I pitied to the passenger who sit in front of me cause she got nausea along the journey and she vomit more than 5 times (2 plastic bags were full ok). Almost 2pm, we arrived at the skyway terminal coz we took cable car up up and above!. Here another waiting.. the visitors were more than 500 and came from all over Asia! the line was long as long can be and at 3pm we manage to squeeze ourselves in the cable car! Fuh... below are some of the pictures:

while waiting at KL Sentral
while waiting for the bus

the line @skyway station
again the queue


i can see it yeayy!

up up!


Once we arrived at the theme park, we straight went to the Space Shot. At first i don't want to ride it but my brother and my housemate made me to so i said OK (with trembling voice).. here again we have to wait almost 1 hour (what a waste of time) as soon as we take off up up to the sky it's fun.. however when it released us, i feel like my soul separated from my body.. i can't feel my seat! i will never try that thing again noooooooo!!! It's feel like i jumped from the 88 floors!

from the ground.. the height killing me

"soon i'll be up there"

before going up!

after the take off i managed to smileee

Next stop the spinner! i don't ride the thing cause i've ride it before so i just took some pictures!

the spinner!

my brother and my housemate in the line

they take their seats!

smile to the camera! say cheeeseee

that thing start spinning!

it's getting faster!



my brother right above me with his bright laugh! he's wearing Superman!

my housemate managed to see at the camera! ^__*

getting slower and...

landing safely...

me after they riding the spinner!

and here are some of the random pictures to share...

bad hair day!

Mel and me another peacee! ;p

superman Farizi <-- peminat lagu Hanyut FT

acting cute ;p

guess what on his head?? off all the animal haiyoo

below are some of the games there


merry go round

go kart

arena of stars (not game though)

going down at 7.15pm

Since we have to catch the bus at 7.15pm, we only managed to play 2 games (myself 1 only). This was due to the long queue.. the average waiting time for each game is 1 hour.. so we quit! Next time don't go to Genting during holidays unless u plan to stay there.. During the trip going down, we were with the Taiwan tourist. They talk and talk all along and the 3 of us just keep quite until i heard them saying that would we understand what they talking about. Then 1 of them said i don't they understand. Then this aunty poked me asking where are we from? (in Chinese) i said Malaysia.. then she asked me did we understand their conversation? i said i only understand a bit.. then they laugh.. she said ok ok.. (pheww i managed to speak Chinese with the limited knowledge of mine hahaha) Thank you TV! There you go.. going up we riding with Indian family then going down with Taiwan tourist.. 1Malaysia (Malay, Chinese and Indian though the Chinese are from Taiwan hehe).

We actually missed the 7.15pm bus but luckily we manage to ride the next bus but we were drop at LRT Station Gombak. We arrived home at 10pm. What a longggg and tiring day but it was fun except for the looonnngggggggg queue! fuh fuh fuh..

So today what am i doing? just sit on the floor and play games! HEAVEN!


ogyzain on February 7, 2011 at 4:28 PM said...

hahaha,kami pun gi genting bawa da girls ni kami pegi ari sabtu...pun still ramai org..naik kabel car jgk,nasib baik ada mak buyung ni,nda payah beratur panjang...heheheheh


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