Sunday, January 9, 2011

Raptai AJL 2010

Posted by Norazo at 3:22 PM
ahaa malam tadi me and Puter went to watch full dress rehearsal for Anugerah Juara Lagu 2010 schedule tonight at 9.00pm. it was another amazing experience for me and thanks to Puter and friends! ^^ Mula2 tu kitorang duduk di VIP seat la konon tp x nampak sangat. Then we move to 2nd floor. Unfortunately, we were told that at the far end of the seats (which were so very close to the stage) are for TV3 staff and their family members ONLY and because of that Puter ask me to tackle TV3 staffs as a boyfriend so that i can have free tickets and a good seat (how i wish i met one hehehehe) However just right before Faizal Tahir second performance, we managed to elude ourselves and sit among the TV3 family and staffs hahahaha how very lucky for both of us and yessss we were consider close to the stage and can have a better view! ;p

Though it was only a rehearsal but the crowd was consider unbelievable! thumbs up to Malaysians that night (
including me hehehhe ;p)

Here goes some of the pictures:

Black and Meet Uncle Hussein

Adira stage lighting awesome

Faizal Tahir for Hanyut

again him

For me all the performances were "rock the beat" (i am borrowing Hitz.FM segment) except this one lady who i find it hard to understand haha and she is schedule to be on stage as a performer no. 7. So if u want to know and to judge watch AJL 2010 Live at TV3 tonight at 9!

By the way, i managed to record 3 performances and please do visit my channel at youtube!

Please be understand that i am using my Sony Ericsson 705 with 3.2mp only. Therefore don't bash me ok! However the audio sound was as clear as a very clear water so it worth watching hehehe..

Apart from the wonderful performance, sound system, lighting and the props, i also fall in love with the maestro (don't get me wrong ah) and yess the performance tonight will be accompany by the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra lead by Mr. Ramli MS. I tell you ah this uncle is full with charisma and a very cool one too hahahahah..

oklah that's all. For the 100% performance don't forget to watch
AJL 2010 Live at TV3 tonight at 9! Together we support Malaysian Music Industry yeeeeehaaaa!



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