Monday, January 10, 2011

No. 11 Kaede Rukawa

Posted by Norazo at 2:49 PM
Hehehe sorry folks.. this ain't story about Kaede Rukawa No. 11 hehee.. i just want to share my 11th post of the month! Terbaekkkkk!

Me, puter and tirex went to have our lunch at P16 food court here in Putrajaya. Surprisingly the food was cheap! heheh.. syiokk oohhh

no picture bout the foods but got a picture of puter's car. she squeezeed really nicely between those 2 cars. Mind u the space is small ok. Puter terbaekkk! picture taken at MoHE

As soon as we arrived at the wonderful office of ours, my friend was having "Jualan Tudung" and i took some pictures. Among those pile of papers here lies all the tudung hehehe.. business run smoothly at office k
tudung with mouse

tudung with cactus drinking water haha

tudung with piles of paper!

tudung on the floor! ^^

For those who wonder who is Kaede Rukawa no. 11 here goes his pictures!

he is the anime character in SlamDunk manga/anime. The ace player for team Shohoku!

And this is Team Shohoku and the main character is No. 10, Sakuragi Hanamichi!

I read the comics and i watch the anime. Slam Dunk is Daebakkk!!! Terbaekkkk


Puteri Nuur At-Terawis on January 10, 2011 at 6:12 PM said...

bwahahaha. you blogged abt it? :P

LiLy KnoTWiSe on January 10, 2011 at 6:23 PM said...

yes i did haha


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