Monday, January 3, 2011

My New Year 2011

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I am not the kind of human who celebrating New Year. For me it was just another ordinary day just like any other day except it was my Lo Tau's birthday. Happy 52th Birthday Lo Tau ^___^ i love you mmuuahh mmuuahh! This year i am celebrating my new year with my twin brothers. Both of them coming here to Putrajaya and we have a blast of weekend together. On 31st we went to KL Bukit Bintang and the place was very crowded so we decided to head back. That night we just lazing around at home waiting the 12am moment and wish each other respectively hahaha...

The next day, we went to Malacca. Since abang (the eldest twin) study in UiTM Melaka, therefore adie (the youngest twin) wish to see his twin campus. As a lovely sister (=p) i said yess we go! After a quick tour around campus, we went to Melaka town! I like to say this. I love Melaka because it was a very historic place + modern as well. At one time you feel like you in a modern city then at another time you feel like you living in the past! It's fascinating. Among the places we visit in Melaka were Banda Hilir (St. Paul Church, A-Famosa from a far hehe), Bukit Cina we were lost actually haha and Melaka River Cruise again we found it cause we were lost!

Here are some pictures ^___^

Thursday, 30.12.2010 (Putrajaya)

lunch @ Black Canyon (Left : Abang & Right : Adie)

with Liyana Jasmay hahaha

with Ben Stiller ;p

with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson his arm are hugeeee

can't resist to take a snap with Nicholas Cage. be careful with his sword dear bro!

Friday, 31.12.2010 (Kuala Lumpur)

Pavillion Bukit Bintang Entrance

again the entrance jammed, packed, crowded!

Bukit Bintang Area 1

Bukit Bintang Area 2

Bukit Bintang Area 3

Saturday, 01.01.2011 (Malacca)

shy shy cat haha

see the camera la bro!

shy guy =p

not so shy guy haha see the "S" present from his GF

Historical Places in Malacca

Museum UMNO

another Museum

to the church uphill

bad pose though! =p

classic buildings

getting dark

looking down!

my bro with background of the St. Paul Church

the tourists were fascinated by this cage??

it was said that this particular spot in this church can fulfill one's dream if you throw a token in it haha

inside the church

read the caption in the picture ;p

A-famosa from the church blurryyyyy

a group of beca "tricycle" one of the tourist main attraction in Malacca!

Ok folks, that's about all i guess. I don't intend to elaborate more. If you want to know more, see more, come and experience this yourself!

Happy New Year 2011!

What my hopes for 2011??

1) Good health
2) Good money ;p
3) Happy



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