Sunday, January 23, 2011

My First Time at A&W Alamanda and Subway

Posted by Norazo at 4:52 PM
Last Friday, i'm having my luch with Hazreena and Athirex at A&W Alamanda, Putrajaya. It's my first time having my meal there (i mean i did eat A&W but rarely). I don't know what to eat so i just looked at what others are having then i decided to order Mozza Burger! The taste?? Simply deliciousssss i likeeeeeeee... I have no picture of my meals but i have these pitures instead

interior inside Luv A&W

ever popular root beer @A&W

Erin (Green) and Tirex (Pink) at the counter

my after meal ahahah

tirex look after her meal ;p

Since it's weekend, what did i do yesterday??? yess i'm going out and to where??? to The Mines jer hehhehhe.. and as usual we got lost! hahaha the only place that i can guarantee you that i will never got lost is PUTRAJAYA.. hahhahha... The reason we went to The Mines was because my housemate want to buy herself Sembonia and we tired of going to Alamanda again and again but unfortunately no Sembonia outlet there.. so no choice Alamanda jer la kan...

Before going back, we had our luch at Subway.. our first time there.. it was quite interesting and of course yummeh as well.. we both having steak & cheese... here goes the pictures!

my sandwich still nicely wrap hehe

my potato chips and drink (ice lemon t)

the Golombon and her thing hahaha (me la tu)

my friend with her cookies

the tissues (ini pon mo ambik ka??)

I'm Fulllll..... burppppp

By the way, i want to share here i won myself 2 tickets to watch The Green Hornet in 3-D tommorow at Midvalley GSC! for joining Nuffnang Contest! I put up an entry and i won! i likeee Terbaekkkk Thanks Nuffnang...

So who i'm going with???? afzara! thanx kawan.. let's enjoyyyyyy


Anonymous said...

subway wing sblh mana ya? saya nak makan subway for berbuka puasa...

Norazo Aslan on August 15, 2011 at 10:39 AM said...

alamak sorry wrong info. actually subway tu di The Mines. Tp subway yang terdekat ada di Giant Equine Park, Seri Kembangan


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