Saturday, January 15, 2011

Malaysian Favourite Car!

Posted by Norazo at 12:40 AM
What is Malaysian favorite car???? absolutely and most likely Perodua MyVi... You can always see these car on the road all over Malaysia regardless if u r in the west or east of Malaysia. I asked some of my colleagues why did they choose MyVi and they answered because MyVi is affordable, well built and spacious. I do agree with that. Long long time ago, i also have the intention of buying MyVi as my first car. However when i looked at the price, it is not so much different with Honda City and Vios therefore i choose City! For those who don't know, Labuan is a duty free island. Therefore imported car are much more cheaper and that's why i can afford to buy Honda City as my first car! but if i were to live here i too will buy MyVi.

myvi and the gang hehe

what is more unique about MyVi is that it comes with many color to choose from and i like the Red MyVi ^^ the above is the rear view of myvi and below is it's front view

front view

i am so damn sleepy right now i better sleep.. nite everyone.. and to Puter good luck for the Om Nom Nom Race tommorow.. u can do it!!!



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