Sunday, January 16, 2011

Korean Movies/Dramas and it's side effect

Posted by Norazo at 5:38 PM
I'm sure lot's of viewer out there love to watch K-Movies/Dramas right. Just like me hehehe... The question is why do these movies/dramas get into our nerves so much until we can laugh and cry while watching them?? is it because of the actors or it's storyline?? For me it's because of the storyline.. Though most of K-Dramas has a very stereotype line but we still addicted to it right. The stories always focus on 4 main characters and these characters will fall for each other. The hero falls for the heroin and at the same time the supporting actress also fall for him and same goes with the heroin character. The hero usually come from a rich family while the heroin come from middle class family. she has to do several jobs in one time just to support her/family.. In the end the hero fall for her because of her determination, passion, attitude etc.. and for the hero, they usually cold blooded, ill-mannered person who deserves to be slap but over the series he turn into a very heartwarming person.. and this is why all the ajummha and agasshi fall head over heel to the plot hahaha funny.. though i know about the storyline and the ending but still i want to watch.. what's wrong with me??? ;p

Due to the above, we (especially female viewer) usually can relate to these storyline and sometimes put ourselves in the female characters shoes. The market segment of drama producer are those women who live a middle class life. Since the heroin usually comes from the same class sometimes it's give people hope that someday somewhere they might end up with the super filthy rich man just like on TV! (am i talking about myself and my dream here?? haha) The next question is, the beautiful storyline, will it happen in the real life??? people might say yeahhh dream on baby ;p. It might happen in real life only if you are beautiful . (so for those who have ordinary face like me, don't try to dream high high like mountain coz if u fall to the ground, u will die ;p)

Watching K-Movies/Dramas sometimes made me feel like i'm walking on a thin air.. feels like i'm flying in a bubble, feels like i'm drown in the sea.. what an effect it gave me.. Apart from that it's also teach me to be a strong and independent woman. Fearless! (but i still fear GOD, me parents and snake). It's good though. Only the dreamy part of wanting the knight in shining armor has to remove bit by bit la hahaha.. Watching the romance between the characters from the movies/dramas sometimes makes me said "hahahaha only in Korea" That's how i feel. How bout you???

There are a lot of K-Movies/Dramas that i like and it is too long to list down here but currently i'm watching The Classics and it is a very good movie.

p/s i do watch Malay movies and i love it too. ^____^



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