Saturday, January 8, 2011

karaoke with friends

Posted by Norazo at 12:36 AM
After work, me n my 2 friends from office (hazreena and athirah) went to Alamanda Superstar Karaoke! We really had fun even though we still in our baju kurung.. hahahha people might think that these 3 ladies really have a hell of a day at work since they went for karaoke with their office attire. Actually yess we do have a hell of a day today. we have to finish 2 minutes of meeting from 2 major management meeting in the ministry. and we have to send out those minutes by Monday!! haiyooooo. That's why we need to express ourselves by sing our heart out at the Alamanda Superstar Karaoke hahahaha... ;p

Hazreena my friend, she really can sing.. she is soooooooooo veryyyy good and tremendous! Thumbs up to her. Really hope to have a blast weekend with them again some other time.

Hazreena and me during 5th ICMHESR in KL

Athirah and me during discussion break haha

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Bye byeeee ^^

p/s Tomorrow me, puter and athirah will attend our friend wedding in KL.



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