Saturday, January 15, 2011

Foreign worker in Malaysia.... serious

Posted by Norazo at 12:55 PM
Yesterday after office hours my housemate and i went shopping @care4 alamanda. Finally after 2 weeks we have rice at home hahaha .. not that we don't have money is just that we don't cook regularly. After care4, my friend decided to go shopping at Watson so i waited for her outside with 10kg rice, sugar, chicken, fish etc... While waiting for her i was observing people passing by me. Everyone have their own thought i presume.. some of them laugh, serious, in love and some of the looks lost too ^^

i sit in front of this shop yesterday

our supplies


Malaysia is a very beautiful country with lots of thing to offer. Beautiful place and have beautiful people from different races. However, there are too many foreign worker here. They are everywhere. Sometimes we don't feel safe. Why do we have to take them to work in the gas station, supermarket, restaurant etc?? Where's Malaysian??? The exact answer would be we do not want to get our hand dirty. Let the foreigner do all that stuff! That's the problem.. every year we have thousands of foreigner come to the country as a worker. I'm not talking about the expatriate here but workers from Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Philippines etc they are too many to be name. Looking from the bright side maybe we help them and their family but too us living here i find it troublesome... we always have a negative thought about them and some of them did involved in criminal act! Lately, there are too many cases of babies being left in front of the hospitals, mosques,etc either dead or alive. Exactly how many are those babies are local?? i have a feeling some of them are from the foreigners too. What i trying to say here is that since there are too many of them here and this can create a negative impact in our society. For those who don't know Malaysia and it's people, they might thing they are local. As a Malaysian, we have to stand out more and don't rely too much on them. I heard from somewhere, is not because local don't want to work but the employer don't want to employ them since the foreigners are much more cheaper. How can that be happen??

Every year they are more than 30,000 students graduate from secondary schools and these amount will be spending 6 months of their grace period doing nothing. Might as well employ them to work at the restaurants, malls, gas station etc while waiting for them to receive their result and further their studies. If the businessman willing to co-operate with the government to employ them to work for them this will lessen the usage of the foreign worker here. Someone has to take action on this and fast! Or else the only things that young Malaysian can do best are rempit, gangster, drug etc...

I really hope to see better Malaysian in the future with better quality in and out! Love Malaysia.. Beautiful Malaysia..

see those puppy eyes we want a better place for them in the future

as for me below shows how i feel



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