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Which SNSD members i love the most!

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For those who love k-pop scene (like me *_^) will definitely know one of the biggest K-pop girl in South Korea now , Girl Generation or So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD). i like all of them but if i'm ask to choose which of them i like the most i will name :

1) the kid leader Taeyeon for her super power vocal;

kid leader!

2) dancing queen Hyoyeon for her dancing skills of course
(doesn't she remind you of song hye gyo?)


3) the maknae (youngest) Seohyun because she's smart ^_^ and she can play piano too...

(beautiful maknae)

i think all of us have heard a phrase "a beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" (i hope i got the right phrase ;p) but what i don't understand is that why people always choose SNSD Yoona as the prettiest out of 9 of them?? i don't think she is that pretty.. but most of male celebrity in Korea choose her as their ideal girl?? WTH.. i don't hate her but i just can't find the answer .. but then again "a beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" or maybe i am blind i don't know hehe

but she's look pretty in this picture ^_*

Lee Seung Gi are among those who admire SNSD Yoona

i'm not bias i mean i like SNSD and i listen to all of their hit songs (i can dance to their song too) but i always come to the conclusion that SNSD Tiffany is a fake. My interpretation of fake here is not because she had a plastic surgery cause i don't give a damn about that but i find her fake because of her attitude. whenever i watch her i had a feeling she was pretending. I know i don't have the right to say this cause i don't know her but this is just my stupid instinct telling me she's fake!

tiffany is famous for her eyes smile

Another fake girl in the group for me is SNSD Jessica! my oh my i really making a headline here by judging these 2 girls as fake! But she has a cute voice. I sometimes like her voice though hehe

cute sica

For me the remaining 3 girls in the group SNSD Yuri, SNSD Sunny and SNSD Sooyoung are cute, funny and fun! i love their dorkiness and and their spontaneous..

gorgeous Yuri!

SNSD cutest and shortest member Sunny ^__^

SNSD tallest and dorky member Sooyoung! ^__^

Here are their cover pictures for their hit song! Aren't they beautiful?? Yes they are right *_^

Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby.. ;p


oh oh oh oh nomu saranghae! OH!

you better run run run run run! Run Devil Run!!


shoot shoot shoot ! Hoot!

So people since i think Yoona is not the prettiest member in the group.. so here i will revealed who is the prretiest among them in my own view...




coz She has the gorgeous body in the group (for me ;p)

Please don't hate me for saying Yoona is not that pretty and also for saying Tiffany and Jessica are fake but this is just my humble opinion.. i still love Girl Generation though. SNSD Hwaitinggg!

p/s all pictures credit to google ^___^



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