Saturday, December 25, 2010

Anugerah Skrin 2010!

Posted by Norazo at 5:11 PM

I never thought of experiencing the award live but i did watch it live last night from PWTC, Kuala Lumpur! And, what's more exciting is that i got a VIP ticket! Thanks to Puter for giving me the wonderful opportunity. Honestly i don't give a damn about the awards. Apart from i want to watch all the performance live and to see the celebrity in person, i don't care about who actually won the awards. My most important agenda is to experience how the production teams running the show, What did they do during the commercial break and how the camera was place! To tell the truth rather than enjoying the show i was more enjoying the camera crew doing their job. When i watched any live program from TV, i always wondering on how the camera was moved and how the production team making the preparation before the performers take the stage. Finally i got a chance to watch all that and i enjoyed it!

Since i got a VIP ticket, i managed to sit among the celebrities! I found out that they did like normal human being except, they like to PARTY.. the look of "i want to have fun all night" is clearly written all over their faces hahahahahah! I never thought of taking a picture with the celebrities from last night but .... Bront Palarae is the exception! wwahhhhhhhhhhhhh i took a pictures with him (2 snaps!) and i also shake hand with himmm wwwahhhhhhhhhhhhh i go crazy from the rush of adrenalin in my vein hahaha. I like the guy. Though my housemate said he's not handsome but he look cool ma (at least for me ;p). Back in 2008, Facebook was still not that popular among my friends. However, the reason i opened my Facebook account was because of Bront Palarae! I found from Google that he got an account with Facebook but i could not access his account cause im not a member yet, so because of him i open my own Facebook account. hahahah so funny but that's the history behind my Facebook adventure! Here i want to share my conversation with him

Me : hi Bront, can i take a picture with you? (with full smiles on my face)

Him : Sure, of course! (with a smile ;p)

then we took the picture and shakes hand

Me : Congratulation for the award!
(He received Best Actor in Film for 'Belukar'. Ironically Belukar was shots in Labuan (my hometown) ahhhh)

Him : Thank you! (another smile from him) ;P

Enough about that, let us see some pictures i managed to snap during the event!

zizan was couple of feets away from me. Tell u he such a funny guy! Just like on tv

Bront Palarae acceptance speech!

Anuar Zain! Awesome performance!

Ziana Zain!

Nani taking pictures after winning!

Bront taking picture with his fans!

Mdm. Floor Manager of the night!

Shaheizy Sam won the Yasmin Hamid Award congratulation sam!

more pictures!


and F.T.

me with VIP ticket! FATTTTTT!!

puter with my ticket!

ah-comey with zizan

That's all folks! Since the camera took my picture with Bront belong to puter's friend, so i cannot share it here.. maybe later lah.. bye bye

p/s i'm enjoying Die Hard now and Prof. Snape was in this movie haha


Puteri Nuur At-Terawis on December 28, 2010 at 2:54 PM said...

bwahahahha~* gembira sebab anda suka!


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