Thursday, November 11, 2010

my camping experience

Posted by Norazo at 2:14 PM
Hallo hallo halloooooo...... Is this my 1st entry for the month?? i think so ^___^. I just came back from the L.E.A.D Camp and it was fun but at the same time wore me out! fuh...

the first day we have to walk exactly 2.2 km with average 5kg backpack added to our weight! imagine.. hell ok! Once we arrive at the Kalumpang Resort, we were ask to do rescuing mission where we have to cross the very cold river. First day already wet from top to bottom imagine what wait us ahead.. very very very hectic ok..

2nd day we went for hiking. Though it was very tiring, but i am very proud of myself. I made it yo hahaha.. at a moment i doubt of my own ability. b4 the camp, i didn't do any exercises. i afraid of being a burden to my group because of my size. BUT i do it myself yo.. most part of it. still i need them though. Thank you very much group 11. Unfortunately, there's a price i need to pay. i injured! i will show later hehehe...

3rd day, because of my injury i didn't participate. honestly i feel bad because i didn't complete the task.. nasibla badan... so here goes the picture

welcoming banner

in the bus

1st nite b4 sleep sejukkkkk~~~

katil mak

semua org bawak beg ni

tp mak bawak beg ni jer

beza beg kami~~

beds arrangement

katil mak sebelah tu hehe

cafe from afar


morning tea break!

pentas karaoke!

taranum yuk ^_^

sumandak dan sumakdak auk haha!

lagi sumandak!

ni sumandak jugak haha!

di bwh pohon bamboo

kitten yg comey~~

tired face kaciannn

officer JPA jual t-shirt hehe ;p

everyone concentrating , except me?

me n the fofular group!

posing kak

mak pun join!

and last but not least






my injured knee

So far it was fun.. if there is next time i will take a great care of myself! adioss



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