Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Aidiladha this year

Posted by Norazo at 5:54 PM
This year Aidiladha just like last year, again im celebrating my Aidiladha away from home. The reason why is because the flight ticket was over the top of Mount Everestt!!! Pity me, i have to celebrate here with my friends. However, i am still happy though to have a wonderful friend here and celebrating with them was pure joy! so here goes the pictures ^^

these were our Aidiladha dishes haha

Right after i finished having breakfast at home, i went to my fahiya's house. As promised she and her hsemate cooked nasi minyak, gulai daging, ayam goreng berempah, sambal udang n kobis jeruk??? sorry guys i don't really know the exact name of the dish.. all in all the food was great and i love it.. thank u Fahiya and kawan2... since i am so into the foods, i forget to take the picture of the foods! how can i forget??? The only picture i took was the picture of myself while waiting for Fahiya and Ha ... malunyerrrrrrrrrrr but i still took this picture at their house though hehe

selamat hari raya haji semua~~~

My next destination with Fahiya and Ha was our colleague house in Puchong! There we ate nasi pulut, rendang daging, kari ayam, nasi himpit, kuah kacang, caramel etc.. again i am so into the foods until i forgot to take the pictures of the main dish. the only picture i took were these two desert

caramel and kek batik yummy ;p

We were supposed to go to the third house back in Putrajaya but we were so full so we decided to go for karaoke hehehehe.. and i sung my must sing song Air Mata Jernih by BPR hahhaahaha.. during the session, i snapped a couple of pictures ^^

fahiya and ha are so into the song hehehe

the 2nd picture actually i was pretending to sing

Right after we finished 20 songs, we were heading to Puter house at Precint 14 Putrajaya.Unfortunately Puter cannot be there during our arrival because her sister was hospitilased but she still insisted for us to go coz her Phia, Lope and Bibik available for us. Therefore we went to her house and to our surprise Tok was also in da house and was busy playing Farmville haha! Puter cooked Soto and it was terbaekkkkkkkk!!! I love it. Thank you Puter. Oh snap! again i forgot to take a picture but part of it because Tok was there at the dining table with us. Luckily Fahi did manage to take a picture of Phia eating.. so i just copy paste from her FB ^^

cute little Phia with her side fringe sitting comfortably in her baby chair ^^

After we finished our food, we straight went back home. What a full day but yes it was FUN! Thanks to Fahi, Miza and Puter for inviting me.. really appreciate it guys.. love u ols mmuahh mmuaahh^^



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