Monday, November 29, 2010

i'm home

Posted by Norazo at 10:56 AM
It is very true when people says there's no place as our own home! The place where we born, grows up and where we making our very first friend ^^. i'm trully blessed to have such a wonderful family and friends around me and they are the best!

As of August 2009, i'm no longer staying in Labuan and now i'm residing in Putrajaya cause duty call. Therefore, i barely has a chance to go back. 2010 mark the year of me spending my whole year in peninsular Malaysia but i did balik kampung once in a while and now i'm here yo! ^^ as soon as i landing i asked my old man to take me to my favorite restaurant hahaha.. food was all in my mind yo hehehehe so here goes the pictures. The presentation was not so good actually but these was what i crave the most hehe

sup ayam n mee goreng hehehe ^^

penyamun tarbus dan minuman mereka

makanan mereka mee goreng singapore dan nasi goreng kampung

fried mee hoon for en.Aslan ^^

Before that, My flight was at 8.55am on saturday and while i waiting for the cab to fetch me i took the picture of the moon exactly at 6.25am. It's still dark ok and quite creepy too

tiny moon from the earth

and here's what Labuan town look like (only 5% of it though).

my lil bro control hensem haha

that's all lah.. penat ooooo... btw the weather here is sooooo hot and this is what i look like while writing this entry

but still i managed to smile



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