Monday, November 29, 2010

11th post

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yeayyyyyyyyyyy my 11th post hahahahahahah bestnyaaaaaaaa... besok me n my brother will go to KK hehehheh


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I want to share this super highhhhhhhhhhhh self esteem person whom i met at the airport and i manage to snap a picture of him without him notice!

if u guys notice, this fellow maybe just came back from a sport festival and from his tag there he was just actaully coming back from karisma (UiTM sport carnival). what i disliked the most is the fact that he actually dangling his tag with clearly wrote ATLET and the SILVER medal he won during the carnival. I find this kind of behaviour is embarrassing to the point of me want to knock his brain out of his head!. I don't care if you judge me of being jealous or etc but i specifically despise this kind of attitude. Showing off! You don't have to show it to the world la boy.. what is it in ur head?? haiyooooooooooo if he is my brother i will definitely going to laugh at him so hard until i can't catch my breath! Judging from his dressing, this fellow is very TEMBERANG one!

to this guy, im sorry for taking ur picture without u noticing but people can't see ur face though! i just want to say please grow up and u SUCK dude!

i'm home

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It is very true when people says there's no place as our own home! The place where we born, grows up and where we making our very first friend ^^. i'm trully blessed to have such a wonderful family and friends around me and they are the best!

As of August 2009, i'm no longer staying in Labuan and now i'm residing in Putrajaya cause duty call. Therefore, i barely has a chance to go back. 2010 mark the year of me spending my whole year in peninsular Malaysia but i did balik kampung once in a while and now i'm here yo! ^^ as soon as i landing i asked my old man to take me to my favorite restaurant hahaha.. food was all in my mind yo hehehehe so here goes the pictures. The presentation was not so good actually but these was what i crave the most hehe

sup ayam n mee goreng hehehe ^^

penyamun tarbus dan minuman mereka

makanan mereka mee goreng singapore dan nasi goreng kampung

fried mee hoon for en.Aslan ^^

Before that, My flight was at 8.55am on saturday and while i waiting for the cab to fetch me i took the picture of the moon exactly at 6.25am. It's still dark ok and quite creepy too

tiny moon from the earth

and here's what Labuan town look like (only 5% of it though).

my lil bro control hensem haha

that's all lah.. penat ooooo... btw the weather here is sooooo hot and this is what i look like while writing this entry

but still i managed to smile

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Aidiladha this year

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This year Aidiladha just like last year, again im celebrating my Aidiladha away from home. The reason why is because the flight ticket was over the top of Mount Everestt!!! Pity me, i have to celebrate here with my friends. However, i am still happy though to have a wonderful friend here and celebrating with them was pure joy! so here goes the pictures ^^

these were our Aidiladha dishes haha

Right after i finished having breakfast at home, i went to my fahiya's house. As promised she and her hsemate cooked nasi minyak, gulai daging, ayam goreng berempah, sambal udang n kobis jeruk??? sorry guys i don't really know the exact name of the dish.. all in all the food was great and i love it.. thank u Fahiya and kawan2... since i am so into the foods, i forget to take the picture of the foods! how can i forget??? The only picture i took was the picture of myself while waiting for Fahiya and Ha ... malunyerrrrrrrrrrr but i still took this picture at their house though hehe

selamat hari raya haji semua~~~

My next destination with Fahiya and Ha was our colleague house in Puchong! There we ate nasi pulut, rendang daging, kari ayam, nasi himpit, kuah kacang, caramel etc.. again i am so into the foods until i forgot to take the pictures of the main dish. the only picture i took were these two desert

caramel and kek batik yummy ;p

We were supposed to go to the third house back in Putrajaya but we were so full so we decided to go for karaoke hehehehe.. and i sung my must sing song Air Mata Jernih by BPR hahhaahaha.. during the session, i snapped a couple of pictures ^^

fahiya and ha are so into the song hehehe

the 2nd picture actually i was pretending to sing

Right after we finished 20 songs, we were heading to Puter house at Precint 14 Putrajaya.Unfortunately Puter cannot be there during our arrival because her sister was hospitilased but she still insisted for us to go coz her Phia, Lope and Bibik available for us. Therefore we went to her house and to our surprise Tok was also in da house and was busy playing Farmville haha! Puter cooked Soto and it was terbaekkkkkkkk!!! I love it. Thank you Puter. Oh snap! again i forgot to take a picture but part of it because Tok was there at the dining table with us. Luckily Fahi did manage to take a picture of Phia eating.. so i just copy paste from her FB ^^

cute little Phia with her side fringe sitting comfortably in her baby chair ^^

After we finished our food, we straight went back home. What a full day but yes it was FUN! Thanks to Fahi, Miza and Puter for inviting me.. really appreciate it guys.. love u ols mmuahh mmuaahh^^

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Harry Porter

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I'm a big fan of Harry Porter series. I read the books and i watch the movies as well. I simply love the characters, the plot, the spells and everything about Harry Porter ! Expaliarmus....

This year the final book has already hitting the cinemas on 18 November 2010. I've bought the ticket already and what i heard seem a bit discouraging me. My office mates said the part 1 was somewhat "BORING!" When i heard their comment i was taken aback! But i still refuse to believe their statements.

so yesterday 20 November 2010, me n my hsemate went to watch the movie. When the movie start playing and there a scene where Hermione cast a spell to wipe her parents memories of her, tears run down to my cheek from my eyes.. it's a very sad scene. In order to save her parents life, she has to make them forget about her.. the spell was Obliviate...

Since i finished read the book 3 years ago, i can relate to every scene in the movie. I know for those who does not read the book they will find themselves hard to understand the plot and that's why their made a boring comment about the movie.

And as for me, i really looooovvvveeeeeeeeeeee this episode and can't wait to watch the final installment July next year.. but still it also sad to know the series will be over after next year...

So here i share the posters (take it from google of course ^___^) right from sorcerer's stone until deathly hallows for us to reminisce the journey of Harry Potter and friends :

Now let us see the cast of harry potter during their debut and their current looks! They so cute before and now after 9 years their blossoms into fine young men and a beautiful woman!

11 yrs old harry and 17 yrs old harry

11 yrs old Ron and 17 yrs old Ron

11 yrs old Hermione and 17 yrs old Hermione

Finally the final comparisons of our heroes when they were little and what they are now! Check -check- check it out!!

our little heroes in Sorcerer's Stone

and here what they are now in deathly hallows!

So peeps, that's about it. Bye bye

p/s pictures courtesy of Google image

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Monday night !

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hallo & salam....

whenever Monday approaching, i have a trouble to fall asleep. I don't know why but my eyes seems as bright and as awake the eyes can be. I don't feel sleepy at all.. i hate this situation! As i'm not a morning person, for sure i have problem to wake up tomorrow! hampeh tahap ELEPHANT!

Someone please sing me a lullaby song so i can drift off sooner... I HATE MONDAY NIGHT!!!!

Hari sabtu di hujung minggu ku...

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Salam u'olls! ^___^

Semalam sabtu bersamaan 13 November 2010, aku ngan hsemte keboringan tahap tenuk melayu. Oleh yg demikian, my hsemate mencadangkan kami untk pergi ke Nilai 3 utk membeli kain sempena majlis bulan 12 ni insyaallah. Kami bercadang utk menggunakan jalan belakang. Untuk itu, aku pn tnya Puter, dan my friend lak tanya kawan dia. Puter dan bantuan Abg. Isk telah mencadangkan 3 laluan:

Pertama Sepang-Salak Tinggi;

Kedua Gate 1 - UKM; dan

Ketiga Highway Simpang Ampat!

Memandangkan my hsemate pnya ofismate mention Sepang jugak so kitorang pn ikut Sepang -Salak Tinggi - Nilai. Adalah sesat siiikit tp we've made it yo! di sna konon mo beli kain. Tp kainnya mcm x best n mahal jugak. So kitorang x beli kain. My other hsemate beli crocs RM10 an buah2an tempatan yg mahal sangat ok. Semasa d sana, aku sempat tangkap gmbr ni jak. Lupa mo ambik gmbr lain hehe..

salah satu kedai


OTW balik ke Putrajaya, kami menyanyi2 d keta sambil mengimbas kenangan di lead camp hari tu. Masa dekat camp tu, last nite ada karaoke. Kebetulan salah seorang officer JPA tu nyanyi lagu BPR Air Mata Jernih. Kitorang pn balik2 menyanyi lagu tu sepanjang perjalanan terutamanya bhgn Aduh..Aduh... Aduh Sakitnya... Jiwa ini... memandangkan aktif sungguh kami menyanyi, so kami membuat keputusan utk berkaraoke d alamanda! And of course lagu yg paling wajib ialah Air Mata Jernih by BPR!! hehehehehe so ini adalah beberapa keping gmbr karaoke kitorang

Lepas karaoke, kitorang pn lapar lalu kami pn menjamu selera di Black Canyon! Sementara menunggu makanan, kami sempat begambar!

wajah2 sebelum makan hehe

makanan dan minuman kami! ;)

Selesai sudah makan, kami pegi pulakkk ke Nichii. I tell u'olls, mak kalau masuk Nichii ni jaranglahh keluar dengan tangan kosong ok. Mesti adaaaaa sja yg aku beli. temptation. Again here we took some pictures

pilih jangan x pilih

baju2 yg mak beli. Apsal la yg hijau x blh rotate???

Actually pas pg Nichii kitorang pegi Care4. Tengah sibuk2 pilih sayur, aku terpandang terung kecik bulat2. My 1st time ever nmpk terung tersebut. I find it weird at first sambil terpikir "Di semenanjung ni Macam Macam Ada!!" Inilah gmbr terung tersebut!!

Selesai membeli belah, kitorang pn BLAH balik umahh ^_____________^ what a wonderful day.

And today Sunday, i just stay at home updating my blog and surfing!

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