Tuesday, October 26, 2010

what i want??

Posted by Norazo at 5:15 PM
Lately i always think of myself, my life, my surrounding, my job, my family, my finance bla.. bla..bla... i feel like my world is boring.. know what my day time look like?? like this

this is my desk in my cubicle at my office. small...cramp.. got no life and boring... sometimes i wonder what is it in my life that i am not satisfy with?? i have job, a happy family, good friends and unlimited access to internet (which i love the most) the only thing that i know i lack of right now is "爱" but what can i do..

i want colour in my life.. i want to do something out of the ordinary... i want to have fun.. i want to do what i love to do.. there is no sparks in my current state... i ask myself over and over again.. what do you want?? the only think i can think of is i just want to laze around away from commitment, away from job, away from what bugging me shoo shoo shooo!!! i want to dream dream dream... away from this no fun reality...

hope sparks will come soon in me myself and mine ...



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