Sunday, October 31, 2010

i bought new shoe!

Posted by Norazo at 10:29 PM
i have to make at least make 10 entries this month after i failed last month.. so this would be my 9 entries.. back to the title.. nxt week monday to wednesday i have L.E.A.D Camp. To make it short it is another leadership program.. from what i heard it's going to be pain in the a**! physically and mentally torture.. haiyooo.. for simple minded person like me i am really not into that thing... my senior advice me to bring at least 2 pairs of sport shoes, 5 pieces of clothes, insect repellent ready and the most important thing is to "JUST DO IT" follow the rule just go with the game..

back to the title.. so last saturday me n my hsemate went shopping at Jalan TAR, Kuala Lumpur. As usual the street was cramp with zilion peoples from all over the world. There we spotted PUSAT PAKAIAN HARI HARI! everything are cheap and the service is good. whenever customer come and go their sale persons will yell "Selamat Datang" followed with "Terima Kasih, Datang Lagi". The funny thing was they said those welcoming and bye byeing remarks without looking at the customer.. i bought 2 track suits and 2 long sleeves white t-shirt and many more.

Next stop we went to this super cheap shoes store.. everything cheap as most of the item "Made in China". There i found this super cool shoes.. its not meant for running or hiking shoes but the colour is striking ok. Chocolate with yellow shoe laces hahahaha.. so funny.. here goes the pictures ^______________^

my friend shoes cost RM12 only syiokk

converse look alike but actually "CANGLONG" haha


We good to go guysss!!



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