Wednesday, September 1, 2010

when we speak other languages

Posted by Norazo at 4:49 PM
my first entry for September '10.. ^___________^ when we speak other languages other than english... it is good isn't it. living in a multiracial country like malaysia and to have this ability its really help.

last saturday me n my hsemate mengembara ke KL and guess what?? im driving yeeeehaaa!! and guess who we met at the parking lot bb plaza??? JAAFAR ONN! hahaha.. comey ok ;p

back to the above title.. tujuan we olls p kl adalah kerana my lappy dah discharge dari spital beliau heheh.. sungguh seronok!( i'm back to normal human being now ;p) so masa d low yatt of cosla kan d situ perkumpulan gadget2 IT yang indah dan perniagaan d situ didominasi by kaum cina. so at the time like this la if we can speak or at least understand what they say it surely can give us 10000 advantages.

having watched Hong Kong drama since age 10, i can converse and understand (kantonis speacially) without receiving proper lesson. and since chinese in KL speak kantonis, it is much more easier for me. so while in low yat, my friend bought new casting for her hp. while bargaining, the sell girl don't want to lower down the price. so my hsemate give in. she paid. then the cashier asked the seller (in kantonis) how much she sell that casting for? she reply rm25. then the cashier smirked and the girl proudly said "i'm good isn't it" and they both laugh. both my hsemate of cos x phm but i do. so since my hsemate dah paid so i told her when we walked out. she said to me "u should've told me earlier" i was sorry for not telling her. but she paid already at that time. and according to Contract Act 1950 the contract is "void". because both parties willing. even my friend want to object "the goods sold are not returnable"

it is fun actually when we can speak other languages other than English. It surely come in handy when we want to negotiate with them. it is my passion to learn other languages. it something that i love to do and i am convince i can do better..



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