Friday, July 16, 2010

my dear late Madut~~~

Posted by Norazo at 2:00 PM
I guess my title has already tell what i want to share here.. On Thursday 15 July 2010, my Madut (grandma) has passed away at noon. it was quite a shocked for me coz i don't know she was sicked! when i went back to labuan middle of June, i met her only once. That time my house having a kenduri for my bros departure.and at that time i really doesn't know bcoz my image of her is she's all healthy n energetic. i even joke with . as she was lying on the couch and me n my brother were moving the other couch out, she asked us not to move the couch coz she's still lying. and then i told her, no we have to move it even with u on top of it! she said don't laaaa.. n then me n my bro laugh! to reminisce those moment make me sad. since my Padut (her husband) passed away last year on 16 January 2009, i know she's quite lost. Claiming she's always feel alone, worried and everything. as a husband n wife for more than 60 yrs i guess we know why so i guess that's why she soon follow. i feel a bit dissapointed as i cannot go back. but no matter what my prayers will always be with her and the rest that have gone b4 us. I have lost all my grandparents frm both my mom's n my dad's side. so saddd.... i don't have a picture of them to share here.. but i will try to include their pictures if i go back to labuan someday...

to my nene anggut (2000), nene uban (2003), padut (2009) n madut (2010) i hope all of u at peace.. n our prayers will always be with you.. amin



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