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when shillang get jealous

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wahh again i found something interesting about joongbo.. i just cut n paste this post from i never knew he did jealous... comeyyy

Hwang Buin never expected Hyunjoong to be jealous... but during We Got Married, he showed his displeasure with a female model, an actress, an imaginary man and a horse.

Female Model Incident:

(Picking out clothes for their wedding photoshoot)

HJ: This goes well with jeans.
HB: You can wear the jacket with jeans.
HJ: But I can't do a wedding photo in just jeans..
HB: Why not? A model, Lee Yoo did it.
HJ: Who?
HB: Do you know a model named Lee Yoo?
HJ: No..
HB: No? Well there's a model named Lee Yoo..
HJ: *coolly scoffs and turns away from her*
HB: Really.. What's wrong? It's true.
HJ: I see... You sure know a lot of men.
HB: *kneels and laughs* I have to clear it up.. Lee Yoo is a woman. I was talking about her husband.
HJ: Ahh.. is that so?
HB: I really don't know a lot of men!

Private interview:

HJ: I really thought she was talking about a man... They're not even close but she keeps on saying "model Lee Yoo, Lee Yoo"... I kept on thinking, "Why is she referring to him so affectionately?" Then I found out it was a woman... I was really embarrassed, I even got jealous..


Actress Incident

HJ: Your phone!!
HB: Who is it?
HJ: Seems like a friend of yours but its a guy's name.
HB: *laughs* What's the name?
HJ: Dong Hyun.
HB: Who's Dong Hyun?
HJ: What do you mean who? It says Dong Hyun.
HB: Who?
HJ: Mr. Dong Hyun called you.
HB: Dong Hyun is a girl too~
HJ: Really? Women around you have male names.

Private Interview:

HB: Is it jealousy? But he was only jealous of women, I was surprised! It was weird.. completely unexpected of him because I don't expect much.. I don't ask much from people. Was he saying it because he's jealous? Or is it the feeling that since we're married, he's starting to meddle?


Hwangbo's Future Husband

(During the farm mission)

HB: When I get married.. Just like Cha Inpyo and Shin Aera, I want to do lots of good deeds in my life as well.
HJ: *stern* Who are you going to marry?
HB: *laughs* I meant.. I'm married, so I'll do good deeds.
HJ: But you just said, "When I get married.." Who else are you going to marry? WHO?
HB: *laughs*
HJ: I'm.. I'm gonna tell everyone.
HB: What?
HJ: That you're getting married twice.
HB: *laughs*
HJ: On your wedding day, I'll be like, "Hey! That woman's getting married twice!!!"


(During the Ssangchu Olympics)

HB: Was there a time when you got upset because of me?
HJ: Upset?
HB: Yeah, a time when you got upset but you didn't say...
HJ: Actually, I was most upset that time..
HB: Huh? When?
HJ: When we went to the farm, you said, "When I get married..."
HB: *laughs*
HJ: I was upset then. I just pretended to laugh but I kept on thinking, "What type of man would he be?"


Shillang Horse

Before this scene, Hwangbo asked the horse owner if she can name the horse she's riding "Shillang/Hubby" and Hyunjoong called his horse "Buin/Wife"

HB: Shillang... *to the horse*
HJ: Hmm?
HB: Why are you answering? I was talking to him.
HJ: Who?
HB: Him~~ *points to the horse*.... Shillang, be well no matter what you do, alright? Perk up your ears! Your ears should perk up when your wife is talking..
HJ: Hwang Buin...
HB: Huh?
HJ: No, I was talking to her. *points to his horse*
HB: It's really confusing...

Hyunjoong then calls Hwangbo on her phone.

HB: What?
HJ: Hello?
HB: Why is a horse calling me?
HJ: I'm doing the two phone calls a day... What are you doing?
HB: Me? I'm at Jeju Island.
HJ: Really?
HB: Yep. I came here with my husband.
HJ: I came to Jeju with my wife also.
HB: I'll put my husband on the phone, wait a minute~ *puts the phone on the horse's ear*
HB: *laughs*
HJ: Who do you think you are? Ya! You.. Do you love your Hwang Buin? *horse nods* Oh, he's nodding!!!
HB: He's really nodding! I'm going crazy!
HJ: You horse bastard...

Hwangbo then talks to Hyunjoong's horse, but then Hyunjoong wanted to talk to Shillang horse once more.

HJ: Put him on. I have one more thing to say.
HB: *puts phone on the horse's ear*
HJ: What the hell are you? What's your name? You.. do you really like Hwang Buin?
*horse nods again*
HB: I didn't do anything, I was still!
HJ: Ya! Do you really like Hwang Buin?
*horse nods again*
HJ: This guy really... My wife says she doesn't like me. *talks to the horse* Buin, do you hate me?
*Buin horse nods*
HB: *laughs* you should've treated her better when you had her... Shillang..
HJ: As expected, a human wife is better than a horse.
HB: Then you should've treated me better when you had me. I can treat you better than a horse, right?
HJ: I understand. i'll be an escort trying my best from now on! I'll turn you to a queen! Elizabeth Hwangbo~
*Hwangbo leaves with Shillang horse*
HJ: I'll be there soon..
HB: I'm going with my husband now.
HJ: *to his horse* It hurts my pride.. Don't follow them!! Don't follow them! BUIN!
HB: I'm sorry~~ I found my love~~ Sorry~~~ *waves goodbye to Hyunjoong*
HJ: *to his horse* OKAY, FOLLOW THEM NOW!!! OVER THERE!!!


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