Monday, June 14, 2010

Next Stop... Happinessss

Posted by Norazo at 5:45 PM
I just finished watching taiwanese drama by the same title.. byk line dlm ceta ni yg sungguh berkesan di hati .. such a sweet n simple word but carries heavy meaning i should say.. the 2 most significant line i remembered frm this drama were:

"photo is where the memory last forever" (something like this la) but very true.. i am not fancy taking picture.. klu syok sendiri adala.. for me i rather enjoying the scene, surrounding and feeling rather than taking picture.. so what i do if i want it to be last forever???? i just menyebok dlm kamera org la hahah nanti mintak jer hehehehe...

"may u all walk on a path towards ur next stop.... Happinessss!" sweet isn't it?? i hope people around me will walk towards ur own happiness... as of me i found my happiness already.. not fully but im happy.. ^_______________^

here i specifically want to address this issue to certain someone. to that person i hope u read this and understand. Don't think too much of what's in ur head now... grab opportunity right be4 u.. don't meddle with "parasite" that cannot guarantee ur happiness as well as squashing "it's" own warm "home". if u still in da middle of this "problem" (during my absent) get rid of it now. u such a good n warm person ( the kind i cannot be :p) u'll find ur happiness on the next stop.. but not this stop.. trust me..! live for tommorow not for the sake of memory..



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