Thursday, June 3, 2010

if i were a boy...

Posted by Norazo at 8:02 PM
when i was just a little girl.. i always asked myself why can't i be a boy??? silly isn't it hahaha .... but that's how i felt... for me to be a boy is much more cooler rather than being a sissy girl .. those days whenever i visit my cousins or family friend their 1st 2 children happened to be boys.. therefore i always have a feeling that my brother disappointed for me being a girl.. though i play with boys but deep down i am a girl !

remember teenage mutant ninja turtle??? hehehe i was the purple one donatello.. why?? because the other threes taken by my brother n cousins. since donatello play with that dumb stick n it looks uncool so that's y the 3 boys give donatello character to me.. though im a bit sad but as long as they let me play with them it's fine by me hehhehe.. i wonder do they still remember how we used to play as ninja turtle back then??? i don't think so. if they do they will be too ego to admit it. Men ego right hehe..

yesterday i asked my colleague.. during ur childhood have u ever thought of u being a boy? she said NO. i said i did! she asked why? i said because being boy is cooler.. then she asked me back,, how do u feel now? i said i rather be a girl instead hahahah.. come on la of cos being a girl is way fun.. if not why would many guys out there want to be a girl or ACT like a girl??? whinning here n there ewwww..

but if i were a boy i'll be the coolest boy like the one below heheheh

(jujue jgn marah ahh pinjam sekejap)

p/s gambar sekadar hiasan thanx to google ^________^


jUliANa^sAlLeh on June 4, 2010 at 8:57 AM said...

watpe pnjam2 nieyh..mane leyh!!!huhu..curikkkk!!!!mentang2 die ade 6 pax..huhu..cik jia curikkkkkkkk!!!!!!!! *hiyahhhhh..jom lari jaoh2 hyun joong*

NoR@Z!@H on June 4, 2010 at 11:09 PM said...

hahaha... ala pinjam kejap jer lah nah ambik balik ;p


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