Wednesday, May 19, 2010

something wonderful...

Posted by Norazo at 8:56 PM

for those who love to read romance novel i strongly recommend "something wonderful" by judith mcnaught. in fact, most of her book are fantastic as i have read 3 of them. jangan x tau mak pon baca buku romance ok. selected only la.. tp this book is fabolous. it's tell a story of alexendra who always thought something wonderful will happen to her. unfortunately she has been forced to marry to Jordan Townsende, Duke of Hawthorne. Btw, buku ni kira ceta zaman dolu2 la sewaktu duke, duchess, earl,lady,sir pnya era and set in england of cos.( time ni hanya red indian n bandits yg menghuni amerika) :p... this plain girl call alexendra lawrence kawin ngan that tall dark rich arrogant n hensem jordan towsende (typical romance character) i should say by accident. sbb diorang ditangkap basah! (woopsss diorang tu ada men tangkap2 basah jugak kerr).

so klu mo tau lebih lanjut blhla cari buku ni. memang best. comey jer. because alex seorang yg sangatttttttttt naive n muda (18 y.0) kawin ngan the most eligible elite extravaganza bachelor d london. bayangkan bukan sja anak ibu, siap ibu kepada anak2 gadis mereka pn gila sma jordan ni. and under dreadful circumstances plk c alex tekawin ngan jordan. so something wonderful happen to both of them as alex change jordan to be a better person. of cosla dlm buku ni bkn semuanya indah coz c alex terpaksa berhadapan dgn mcm2 masalah. so i should say readers can relate to all of her loneliness, sadness, betrayal, pain and of cos her love for her man. so here i want to quote her n jordan lines from the book :

"i've had this feeling now and then since shortly after Grandfather died, but it's been ever so much stronger and constant this past week. i feel as if i'm standing on precipice, waiting for something that's about to happen" then her friend, sarah ask "what is it going to happen?" to this alex reply " Something Wonderful" (Alexendra) ^______^

"the wicked duke went to the aid of the unconscious knight, but, to his amazement he discovered the knight was not a man at all, but a lady. she was small and dainty with curly hair and the longest eyelashes the duke had ever seen. And when she opened her eyes, they were the colour of aquamarines. the wicked duke with the empty heart looked into those eyes of hers, and what he saw took his breath away..." the baby stared at him, enraptured (actually time ni jordan tgh beceta dgn his new born baby) "what did he see?" alexendra asked in an aching whisper from the doorway. with tender solemnity, he replied, "he saw Something Wonderful" (Jordan n Alex)

to this i hope Something Wonderful will happen to all of us wherever we are... whatever we do... amen..


Miss Layaleya on May 19, 2010 at 11:05 PM said...

amin.. i like it.. ahahahaha..

NoR@Z!@H on May 20, 2010 at 3:42 PM said...

yes yes yes dear u should ^____^ bestttttttttt

ogyzain on May 20, 2010 at 4:56 PM said...

caya lah nyah....mak pinjam bole x???heheheheheh

NoR@Z!@H on May 20, 2010 at 6:51 PM said...

bukan mak pnya la nok. hsemate haha tp mmg mak dah baca lama dahulu ok


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