Monday, December 27, 2010

Kepayahan bangun pagi

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Aku ada masalah bangun pagi. Bangun pagi merupakan masalah besar bagiku selain masalah2 lain. Bangun pagi jak aku akan merengek dan mengeluh. Tau tak bangun pagi untk pergi kerja umpama pegi berperang??? yess is like a war for me! then lepas berjaya lepasi halangan bangun pagi ada lg halangan seterusnya iaitu mandi pagi (tp i mandi ok). air paip pagi di bulan Disember ni sangat sejuk. Bukan jer pagi, klu mandi tengahari pn sejuk lg. Apatah lagi malam dan pagi! penyeksaan. Aku bukan orang kaya. Manada heater kat umah ni. Mcm mana mo pegi London ni hmmm.. sah sah aku orang pulau ok. Iklim panas kat pulau Labuan tu. klu hidup kat tanah besar ni iklim dia sejuk sikit kot hehehehhe

My Labuan yang beriklim panas

London's winter manyak sejuk ooooo

Macam mana mo mengatasi masalah bangun pagi tulunnnnn tulunnnnn....

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Anugerah Skrin 2010!

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I never thought of experiencing the award live but i did watch it live last night from PWTC, Kuala Lumpur! And, what's more exciting is that i got a VIP ticket! Thanks to Puter for giving me the wonderful opportunity. Honestly i don't give a damn about the awards. Apart from i want to watch all the performance live and to see the celebrity in person, i don't care about who actually won the awards. My most important agenda is to experience how the production teams running the show, What did they do during the commercial break and how the camera was place! To tell the truth rather than enjoying the show i was more enjoying the camera crew doing their job. When i watched any live program from TV, i always wondering on how the camera was moved and how the production team making the preparation before the performers take the stage. Finally i got a chance to watch all that and i enjoyed it!

Since i got a VIP ticket, i managed to sit among the celebrities! I found out that they did like normal human being except, they like to PARTY.. the look of "i want to have fun all night" is clearly written all over their faces hahahahahah! I never thought of taking a picture with the celebrities from last night but .... Bront Palarae is the exception! wwahhhhhhhhhhhhh i took a pictures with him (2 snaps!) and i also shake hand with himmm wwwahhhhhhhhhhhhh i go crazy from the rush of adrenalin in my vein hahaha. I like the guy. Though my housemate said he's not handsome but he look cool ma (at least for me ;p). Back in 2008, Facebook was still not that popular among my friends. However, the reason i opened my Facebook account was because of Bront Palarae! I found from Google that he got an account with Facebook but i could not access his account cause im not a member yet, so because of him i open my own Facebook account. hahahah so funny but that's the history behind my Facebook adventure! Here i want to share my conversation with him

Me : hi Bront, can i take a picture with you? (with full smiles on my face)

Him : Sure, of course! (with a smile ;p)

then we took the picture and shakes hand

Me : Congratulation for the award!
(He received Best Actor in Film for 'Belukar'. Ironically Belukar was shots in Labuan (my hometown) ahhhh)

Him : Thank you! (another smile from him) ;P

Enough about that, let us see some pictures i managed to snap during the event!

zizan was couple of feets away from me. Tell u he such a funny guy! Just like on tv

Bront Palarae acceptance speech!

Anuar Zain! Awesome performance!

Ziana Zain!

Nani taking pictures after winning!

Bront taking picture with his fans!

Mdm. Floor Manager of the night!

Shaheizy Sam won the Yasmin Hamid Award congratulation sam!

more pictures!


and F.T.

me with VIP ticket! FATTTTTT!!

puter with my ticket!

ah-comey with zizan

That's all folks! Since the camera took my picture with Bront belong to puter's friend, so i cannot share it here.. maybe later lah.. bye bye

p/s i'm enjoying Die Hard now and Prof. Snape was in this movie haha

Friday, December 24, 2010

Thumbs Down to KFC Equine Park, Seri Kembangan and Alamanda, Putrajaya

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I just want to express my deepest regret to these two KFC outlet. I love KFC. I love the chickens, the wedges, the Pepsi, the Mirinda etc.. but:


Both outlet have issue with their speed of delivery. Does it take forever to prepare a set of Cheezy Wedgess???? No isn't it. Just fry the potato and once done u just squeeze the cheese and mayo onto it. why do i have to wait for almost half an hour waiting for that simple proses to be done???? Cheesy Wedges are one of the popular menu in KFC. There is no issue of you don't prepare the wedges ready at all time. KFC Equine Park, a big NO NO for me!

cheesy wedges.. it's sooo yummy!

I undertand KFC Alamanda, Putrajaya always pack with people. But what i don't understand is why the service is not improving at all. SLOW as a SNAIL. Though with 3 counters open, it's still slow! Seriously the management should think something on how to reduce people queuing in the line if they don't want their reputation to be squash by this. My suggestion change their Manager! KFC Alamanda, also a BIG NO NO for me!

Alamanda, Putrajaya the only living shopping Complex in Putrajaya ;p

p/s all pictures credit to google

Big Shout Out to Puteri Nuur At-Terawis

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Ever since i brought my Kenari SAA here from my hometown, this baby of mind has been put an act for i don't know how many times. I got a feeling just like me, she also don't want to move here. One after another problem coming and it has been racked my money for more than thousand already. haiyooooooo.. the biggest challenge was when the air-condition system was stop functioning. Living in a country like Malaysia with average temperature of 30o everyday is like camping by the Hell door (we know how hot Hell is regardless what religion we are in) It's HOT ok! and that was i have to endure since September! and some more now end of year is rain season in Malaysia. Without aircond how am i suppose to breath??? since the foreman told me i have to change the whole air-cond systems, therefore i have to save money for the past 3 months


Finally last Monday i sent my Kenari SAA for service. Since i don't know who i can turn to (got no boyfriend ma) i went to Puter for help and she say "YESS No Hal" Puter i love uuuuuu (btw i'm straight ok. Plus Puter is a happy wife and loving mother to 2 beutiful children) . When i say beautiful, they are masterpiece (for more info please visit her blog). Unfortunately, after one day in a good condition, here goes my baby SAA put up an act yet again. NO AIRCOND all of the sudden. Haiyoooo.. i called the foreman and he asked me to go to his shop AGAIN. Where else could i turn to?? Of course la my dear Puter! I was torn when i have to again asked her for help. Sorry Puter! ;( and she still say YES without a second thought. I have to bother her again though yesterday she only half day in the office. Yesterday, we sent my SAA for another checking and luckily the service was FOC. The owner asked me to pick my car after office hour. It's easy for him to say as if Putrajaya and Equine Park is 1KM away huh. As i mention before, Puter was half day but she still came to pick me after office hour (with her little Phia and Idris plus her bibik!) to fetch my car. I cannot express how grateful and how shameful i am to receive her generosity one after another. I know thank you is not good enough but i still want to say :


Puter with her favorite star Faizal Tahir!

future heartbreaker Son Idris!

cute cheeky daughter! Princess Phia!

Thank You Puter, Thank You Idris, Thank You Phia ^____^

This is not my SAA but my SAA exactly look like this

p/s Except the Kenari, other pictures are taken from Puter's blog and FB!

I'm Officially on Nuffnang!

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My friend have been pestering me to become Nuffnang member since early this year but i'm not so into this stuff. This because unlike them i don't have many followers and i rarely updating my blog! Some more, i don't know weather or not i have other readers except them. However, since i put traffic widget in my blog, i realised that there's indeed human being other than my friend reading my blog and i feel blessed! Plus they come from different part of the world too and not just from my home country.. Thank you guys.

Since i feel like peoples did read my blog, therefore i find the courage to sign myself up to Nuffnang! Through my participation, i hope i can contribute more to Nuffnang and vice versa ^____^.

Though i know these peoples have 3x more visitors each days to their blog compare to mine, i still i want to promote their site here :

1) my.little.secret ;

2) *jujue* ;and

3) My Secret Garden

People please support us!!! Love u mmuuahh mmuuahh

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Which SNSD members i love the most!

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For those who love k-pop scene (like me *_^) will definitely know one of the biggest K-pop girl in South Korea now , Girl Generation or So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD). i like all of them but if i'm ask to choose which of them i like the most i will name :

1) the kid leader Taeyeon for her super power vocal;

kid leader!

2) dancing queen Hyoyeon for her dancing skills of course
(doesn't she remind you of song hye gyo?)


3) the maknae (youngest) Seohyun because she's smart ^_^ and she can play piano too...

(beautiful maknae)

i think all of us have heard a phrase "a beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" (i hope i got the right phrase ;p) but what i don't understand is that why people always choose SNSD Yoona as the prettiest out of 9 of them?? i don't think she is that pretty.. but most of male celebrity in Korea choose her as their ideal girl?? WTH.. i don't hate her but i just can't find the answer .. but then again "a beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" or maybe i am blind i don't know hehe

but she's look pretty in this picture ^_*

Lee Seung Gi are among those who admire SNSD Yoona

i'm not bias i mean i like SNSD and i listen to all of their hit songs (i can dance to their song too) but i always come to the conclusion that SNSD Tiffany is a fake. My interpretation of fake here is not because she had a plastic surgery cause i don't give a damn about that but i find her fake because of her attitude. whenever i watch her i had a feeling she was pretending. I know i don't have the right to say this cause i don't know her but this is just my stupid instinct telling me she's fake!

tiffany is famous for her eyes smile

Another fake girl in the group for me is SNSD Jessica! my oh my i really making a headline here by judging these 2 girls as fake! But she has a cute voice. I sometimes like her voice though hehe

cute sica

For me the remaining 3 girls in the group SNSD Yuri, SNSD Sunny and SNSD Sooyoung are cute, funny and fun! i love their dorkiness and and their spontaneous..

gorgeous Yuri!

SNSD cutest and shortest member Sunny ^__^

SNSD tallest and dorky member Sooyoung! ^__^

Here are their cover pictures for their hit song! Aren't they beautiful?? Yes they are right *_^

Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby.. ;p


oh oh oh oh nomu saranghae! OH!

you better run run run run run! Run Devil Run!!


shoot shoot shoot ! Hoot!

So people since i think Yoona is not the prettiest member in the group.. so here i will revealed who is the prretiest among them in my own view...




coz She has the gorgeous body in the group (for me ;p)

Please don't hate me for saying Yoona is not that pretty and also for saying Tiffany and Jessica are fake but this is just my humble opinion.. i still love Girl Generation though. SNSD Hwaitinggg!

p/s all pictures credit to google ^___^

Kami bukan pondan!

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kontroversinya entri ni tp it something yg kami perlu terangkan kepada pendengar-pendengar kami.

1)Sapa kah kami itu?????
-kami itu adalah saya, puter, fahie, jujue, tirex and etc.

2) sapakah pendengar itu?
- pendengar itu adalah orang dalam ofis ni dan juga orang d luar sana.

3) kenapakah entri ini ditulis??
-sebab kami kalau bekumpul suka guna bahasa2 pondan klu becakap. contohnya mak! Nok! etc la

Ketahuilah kami bukan hendak menghina golongan ini tetapi this is how we bonding. so to all :


I wish i am a singer!

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yesss i do sometimes wish i am a singer.. unfortunately i don't have a beautiful voice. If i can sing as good as profesional singer i will:

1) buy myself a karaoke set;
2) enter audition@singing contest etc:
3) sing all the time; and
4) open my own youtube account hahahahah (p/s if i do have this account puter, jujue and fahi sila subscribe my account haha)

(i love her (^___^)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Policy and International Division

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i have been working here in this Policy and International Division, Ministry of Higher Education for 1 year and 4 months! However, in this very short period i have been moving from 1 cubicle into another and to date i have been landing myself in 5 different cubicles and honestly i'm tired moving my things. The reason i move a lot because i have to change my task. for 1 year im policy section and the remaining 4 months im doing internationalization. If people ask me which one i prefer, i choooseee POLICY better. Why? Because i like it hahahaha..

after 4 months i'm in international, i'm back to my previous. section Honestly, even though only 4 months away, i find a lot have change since then. I feel LOST cause i don't know what to do though i know almost everything in this section. In short i feel like i'm new! Luckily i have puter here :).. puter i love u mmuahh mmuuahh!

Enough about that. The reason i write this entry is because i want to share my cubicles from my very first one on 24 August 2009 to the current starting 15 December 2010!

my first cubicle

my second!

my third!

my forth!

and finally...

my current cubicle in the middle between my 1st and my 3rd cubicle! ;p

Friday, December 10, 2010

Buat aku befikir jugak...

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I read my friend blog entitle Buat Aku Berfikir. It was simple but come with a heavy message. I am 26 and still not married and single. meaning im not seeing someone special lah. I know 'the who' in her entry and honestly i can feel her loneliness and that's what makes me afraid! my BFF in Labuan all married with kid or pregnant. in 3 months time i'll be 27 and in 3 yrs time i am 30! wainaa the number killing me... i'm scared, worried and scared and worried! So for those who have brother, friend and family please introduce me hehehehe boleh?? sound very desperado nih huhuhuhu~~

actually i have someone i like here in this ministry. but knowing myself i don't know how to say "hello sir i have a crush on you!" hahaha my ego is very high ok.. plus the guy is cute . who am i compare to him.. (sound very low self esteem here ;p) So can we just let it be? should i act funny in front of them for them to remember me? naahhhh

i think this entry would last at least 2 days before i take it down. so to my followers puter, fahi, jujue i think u know who is the guy kan hehehe ;p

ok signing off!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

3 in 1 Stories

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aku mo menulis tp idea ni belummmmmmm datang.. idea idea datangla padaku. uuuuuuuuuuu tp i want to share good news here hehehe..the courtesy call schedule for tomorrow morning was CANCEL hahaha thank youuuuuuu.. im not ready yo..

...mencarut part...

i happen to read something from somewhere.. i found out that what i thought and write about something that related to my own feeling is always similar to what that writer wrote when he/she try to express his/her feeling about something happened around his/her and the way others treat his/her.. is it coincidence?? i don't think so.. lately i've been thinking. i've been thinking regularly now (does this make me a smarter?) hahaha i hope yesss ;p.

...i found my idea already hehe...

This afternoon i'm having my lunch in Alamanda with my housemate. Before we off back to work i bought InTrend magazine. The 1st ever magazine i bought here. I'm not into buying this stuff call magazine, newspaper, book and etc. As i have internet connection, basically i just log on to internet and read what i want to when i want to. So why did i bought InTrend December issue???

1) the Cover Girl is FAZURA (i love her she's gorgeous);

- as i am a pieces here what they wrote :

"Naungan pieces jenis orang yang kuat bercakap dan kreatif,
justeru anda suka bekerja dalam kumpulan. Pun begitu,
anda lebih suka bekerja dari belakang tabir,
tidak suka glamor ya! Selain itu,

anda pekerja yang setia dan jujur"

(is this right?? u'll be the judge! )

3) because the magazine come with free dove shampoo (which i found it ridiculous at 1st hahha but later i realised i run out of my shampoo supply); and

4) BONUS! inside the magazine i found a small pack of Protex Icy Cool shower cream hahahahahahah

Funny la this magazine. For RM7.50 i know the correlation between my zodiac and my career, i got my shampoo supply and a shower cream hahahahahhaahhaha! so guys i suggest you go buy InTrend December issue! Cause u can find a whole lot more such as "20 tanda si dia TERGILA-GILAKAN KAMU!"interesting isn't it wink wink ^_*

Here goes the pictures:

nice cover right! ^___^

zodiac?? what's ur's?

shampoo and shower cream ;p

beutiful Fazura! i envy her

lots of interesting facts!

last but not least Jujue's Hero! hehe (advertisement though)

p/s For more info on the zodiac and more, go buy and see it for yourself :p

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