Thursday, December 17, 2009


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Somebody complaining that i haven't update my blog.. so, to whom it concern here it goes... 2009 will come to an end in a blink of 2 eyes... but in my case 4 la kan hehe... so many things happend to me this year.. never expected it will turn out to be like what it has become now...

if i want to write a chronology here i don't think i will recall everything.. but maybe i just list down something that i can remember :

* 1st half of this year still work with ARIB.
* me, dayang sang, adriana sang n sheera sang have a reunion after 4 years going our own ways. me and dayang work already while the remaining 2 still study.. gambattee ne mina! here are some of the photo taken

 after 4yrs of separation reunion seems very wonderful! hehe thank u guyss love u muuahh muuaahh

*just like 2008, my family n 1 frequently go to kk as kk is my second home..

(taken during our trip to kundasang... ^___^)

*then what else ah?? the rest of da time work~~work~~and more worksss~~~

*on July this year i know the result of my gov interview. and finally i got it!!! oh yeahh... then a month after that me n my new friends went to INTURA for registration... what a tough weeks.. not have enough slip and being provoked most of da time.. but then again we managed to go through it all!! everyone fired up!

(this events mark the new beginning of life starting 17 august 2009 @ INTURA...)

*on 24th August 2009 finally im officially as 1 of the staff in Bhgn. Dasar & Antarabangsa, Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi. Waaaa... so many things happend here frm the very 1st day till now but i feel blessed for meeting new friends and having to experience new environment! ttteettttttt (buzzer sound) all seems great... speacially masuk gov maaakan jak haha.. sungguh menguji kemampuanku menelan semuanya hahaha... here are some events yang melibatkan makan dan juga seminar anjuran BDA

(bestt kan hehe.. besstt oooo)

*then this december my best friend melangsungkan perkahwinannyaa.. tahniah to her..

*and the most important event happening this year isssss... im having a new niece name Putri Alya Shafiqah.. swweeetttttt... love her love her n love her sister too~~~

so that were basically events happend to me these year.. so many changes in just 1 year.. sblm ni d labuan skg d putrajaya.. and never once i forget home... everyday homesick.. oh noo.. but demi mencari sesuap nasi sya bertahannnn!!!

2009 will say bye bye ... 2010 will say welcome tapi thn baru Islam sdh bermula.. hopefullyd tahun baru segalanya berjalan lancar.. dipermudahkan dan akan menjadi lebih baik dr previous2 year.. amin...

bye !


ogyzain on January 15, 2010 at 11:58 AM said...

aku lah tu kan yg membuat complaint...hehehehhe


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