Monday, July 13, 2009

chicken chop

Posted by Norazo at 1:35 PM

emm.. it has been awhile since my last update .. feel good to write something here.. but what to write? em.. okla.. got one already. today i received a big news concerning my life in the future. I got a job in a gov as what? no need to mention 1st la.. yg penting gov (my mom wish for me to be in gov).. so i am really happy about it, Kepada kawan2ku yg sentiasa mendoakan kejayaanku dlm interview hari tu thank you guys.. tuhan sja yg dapat membalas jasa dan doa kamu. i also will pray for the best of you all! thank you dayang, ogie, za, etat, mel, grace, marge, silva,isk, wawa and to my BELOVED PARENT.. En Aslan n Pn Haliba. Without ur doa i will not going to be what i am today. tima kasih lo tau n omma.. of cosla to ALLAH S.W.T sbb tanpa-Nya memakbulkan doa kita who r we la kan,, Syukur Alhamdullilah....

Therefore, for the good news, i want to celebrate myself. since my lunch time 1 hour only n etat has some inspection work to do in Labuan town, so i just tapau la. I feel like i want to eat chicken chop. Then i said to the lao ban take away ahh.. i wait for almost 10 minutes for it to be ready. so damn long.... luckilly me n dayang were sms'ing so time flew also i not so noticedla. i went to Level 6, main office tower FP (my opisla ba) with my chicken chop. i open the tapau guess what.. it is chicken chop but without gravy.. for me C.C without gravy is not C.C. is a K.F.C but of cos with boneless chickenla. but then i feel so frustrated cause i want to celebrate my happiness myself then the C.C is not something that i have in mind. now the tapau just stay beside me. i do not want to eat now. maybe later. i bring home then i make gravy myself...


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ogyzain on July 30, 2009 at 9:11 AM said...

Beh,tu gravvy sket sja dia kasi??x much it cost???ceh,smua main kira skrg ni...


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