Monday, October 27, 2008


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waaahhh.. i cannot express my feeling of happiness becoz
liverpool take the lead and beat chelsea 1-0. i am so happy... hopefully they will continue their winning rythm through out the season. thanx to xabi alonso for the goal. n my deepest sympathy to luis felipe scholari because i read 2 days b4 the game he announced that the blues is unbeaten. i think that was his big mistake. we cannot talk big speacially in a situation that depends heavily on luck like football. it is a taboo to announce something like that. take it for example the Titanic tragedy in 1914. if the captain didnt announce somethng like unsinkable ship i think that jack will still survive n live happily ever after with rose,, asereyy,, but my point is we cannot talk big because GOD will test us in everyway possible. so didahulukanlah dengan bismillah dan disudahilah dgn alhamdullilah...

so here it goes man of yesterday match xabi alonso another spaniard in Liverpool FC hehehe

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

time goes slow

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Now 4.45 pm. im at the office. boring n feel lazy to finish my job. i think so do my other colleague. pleaseeeeeeeeeeee la jam cepatla bejalannnn....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

LIVERPOOL win again

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For those who dont know me i would like to state it here that i am a Liverpool FC fan.. hehehe... why?? because they red .. no la because i like their theme song ahhaha... or because they are the real english football theme. way older than MUFC i guess. pluss they've got FERNANDO TORRES .. though they didn't won any title since last season but they going pretty well this season. but they have to compete with chelsea to overtake the top spot of the premier league. i seriously hope chelsea will lose hehehe.. but then again now MUFC has gain their rythm as well and the season still young so go go go liverpool....!!!!! yeee haaaa

Friday, October 17, 2008

i become blogger??????

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wow... never imagine.. i did imagine but never thought i have a blog of my own. but then again will my blog be view by viewer??? im not celebreties neither do i a rich girl or famous but i don't give a damn as long as im happy! live is meaningless without happiness. money can buy thing but can't buy good things . that's my believe la.. hehehe...

what to say here??? bout my job?? my life?? my hobby?? ayoo...

i work in a bank that's all i can say

my life... i live a simple life... with my family

hobby?? probably blogging hahahah... i might laa..

ok that's all for now if i put too much i don't know wheater this site of mine will capture the heart of the viewer cheyy...

me signing off

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